What is a Pearl Forum drum kit?

Product details. The Pearl Forum Series is a quality entry-level drum set that offers a lot of value for its modest price. This Forum drum kit includes the 5-piece drum shells, hardware, an 18″ crash/ride cymbal, a pair of hi-hat cymbals, drumsticks, and a set-up video.

Is Pearl a good drum brand?

Pearl is one of the top drum brands in the world next to Tama, Sonor, DW, Mapex, Yamaha, and Gretsch. They’re an incredibly good brand that packs a lot of value into all of their drum kits. Most players who use Pearl kits will tell you how happy they are with them.

Are tama drums better than Pearl?

All depends on tuning and heads and so on, but essentially, larger drums means lower frequency of sounds. I personally prefer TAMA over Pearl when it comes to the drums themselves, and TAMA’s hardware is simply the best.