How do you clean a Pela phone case?

Now, when you buy one Pela Case, you’ll get a second one for free! Slip off your phone case when you get home and gently wash it with soap and water, then leave to dry. While your first case dries, pop your second case on your phone to make sure it stays protected 24/7. Repeat.

How long do Pela cases last?

Most people will only upgrade their mobile every two years, so the phone case will definitely last two years.

Is Pela a greenwashing?

Analysis: A classic greenwashing technique is to name an item in such a way that it portrays environmental benefits. However, Pela does not have any information or substantiation about about its Bee Cases.

Is Pela case waterproof?

Despite being liquid itself, this won’t waterproof your phone. In addition to eco-friendly screen protection, if you’re thinking you want to make the full transition in your electronic sustainability, Pela also offers compostable AirPod cases that match the reliability and style of their phone cases.

Is Pela case trustworthy?

Many customers went with Pela due to its eco-friendliness. They appreciated the softness, durability, and grip of the cases, and loved that they’re easy to clean. Customers have left over 26,000 reviews on the site, which is definitely encouraging.

Do Pela cases actually biodegrade?

Pela Cases are 100% compostable and free of lead, cadmium, BPA and phthalates. Compostable plastic must also disintegrate and become indistinguishable in the compost and cannot leave any toxic material behind. That means compostable plastic breaks down to a point that it can help in the support of plant growth.

What do I do with my old Pela case?

Your old Pela case will be upcycled into a new Pela product or turned into compost. If you send us a conventional plastic case, it will either be upcycled into a new Pela product or properly recycled.

Does Popsocket stick to Pela case?

Yes, Pop Sockets sometimes face trouble sticking to leather, silicone, and waterproof cases. They may not stick to highly textured cases as well. But they are adherable to Pela cases.

Are Pela cases bulky?

Pela Cases are designed for a slim fit, sleek look that adds almost zero extra bulk to your phone at around 2mm of thickness.

Do Pela cases protect phone?

Just because the Pela case isn’t classed as a protective case, doesn’t mean it doesn’t protect your phone. The phone case is made using a bioplastic elastomer (starch-based “plastic”) and flax straw. There you have, Pela Cases do protect your phone, but that’s not the only thing it protects.

Can I return my Pela case?

If you are not 100% happy with your Pela Case within 90 days of purchasing it we will be happy to provide a return or exchange!

Do Pela cases have a warranty?

At Pela, we have a 90 day Happiness Guarantee which serves as our Warranty.

Where do Pela cases ship from?

Most orders will ship from our European warehouse in Germany however, if it is out of stock in that particular location, we will ship it from our warehouses in Utah or Kentucky, USA.