How do you win at superfight?


Mix character and superpower cards to make the best combination to win a match! Argue why your mix is the best out of all the players’. If the group agrees with you, the match has been won! The player who has won the most matches wins the game.

How do you play superfight expansions?

What is the game superfight?

SUPERFIGHT is a classic party game from Skybound Games where you argue with your friends over RIDICULOUS fights between RIDICULOUS characters armed with RIDICULOUS attributes. … Use your cards to create ridiculous characters and then argue over who would win in a fight.

Is Superfight a good game?

Superfight is one of the best multiplayer card games I have ever seen, I cannot stress how awesome this is as a geek. You get to have some amazing combinations and try to mess with your friends at multiple levels, all in the name of good fun.

Can you play superfight with just expansions?

Can I play with just the expansion pack and not the original game? Answer: you can, but I do not recommend it. It can be dull and a very short game.

Is superfight family friendly?

Superfight a Card Game of Absurd Arguments | Fun Family Friendly, Party Game of Super Powers and Super Problems, Enjoyed by Kids, Teens, and Adults, 500-card Deck, 3 or More Players, Ages 8+

How many people do you need to play superfight?

The main deck consists of 500 cards, split between character cards (white cards), and powers and weaknesses (black cards).
Brand SkyBound
Language English
Number of Players 3-?

Who made superfight card game?

Jack Dire
Meet Jack Dire: Creator of ‘Superfight’ and New Game ‘You’ve Got Problems. ‘

Who wins in a fight game?

Fighting game matches generally consist of several rounds (typically “best-of-three”) and once the in-game announcer gives the signal (typically “ROUND 1… FIGHT!”), the match will begin; the winner of the match is the player who won the set number of rounds.

How do you start a superfight?


Everyone draw 3 white cards and 5 black cards. Pick someone to go first. That player plays the strongest fighter from his or her hand using one white and one black card, then draws one black card from the deck to add to that character.

Is superfight free?


How many superfight expansions are there?

Even after its development, the game has continued to develop with multiple expansion packs, currently with 19 available to the public. After its successful Kickstarter campaign, Superfight came to the attention of Skybound Entertainment who later became its publisher.

How do you play superfight on Youtube?