What drum sticks did Joey Jordison use?


The 515 was designed by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. It features a classic 5A diameter, a slim neck for fast precise rebound and a full round bead for great articulation and projection.

What cymbals do Joey Jordison use?

Swiss cymbal kings Paiste has teamed up with masked-drummer Joey Jordison to create ‘Slipknot Edition’ Black Alpha cymbals. Essentially, these are Alpha series cymbals primed with Paiste’s own ColorSound coating. As you might expect from the name, and the hard metal endorsee, they’re black-as-hell.

What are the drum sticks called?

Some mallets, such as vibraphone mallets, are normally just called mallets, others have more specialized names including: Drum sticks, of many types, some used with a wide variety of instruments,. Rutes, used with many instruments.

Does Joey Jordison play guitar?

Jordison played in Slipknot since their formation until his departure from the band in December 2013. Of Slipknot’s nine-member lineup, which lasted from 1999–2010, Joey was the third to join the band.
Joey Jordison
Instruments Drums percussion guitar
Years active 1991–2014 2016–2021
Labels Roadrunner Nuclear Blast

What snare head does Joey Jordison use?

Re: which snare head for ‘joey jordison sound’?

it has the remo clear head now.

What is the difference between 5A and 7A drum sticks?

The number refers to the circumference or thickness of the stick. The lower the number, the thicker the stick. For example, a 7A stick is thinner than a 5A stick, which in turn is thinner than a 2B stick. … A thicker stick is louder, more durable, and better suited to heavier styles of music (rock, metal, big band).

What is the most common drum stick size?

The length of a drumstick generally runs from 15 to 17.5 inches. Some drummers prefer smaller sticks and others use larger ones.

What type of drum stick should I use?

Well, for beginners, the general consensus is to go with 5A sticks, because of their size and oval bead which allow for playing almost any music style. As for practicing, many drummers choose to use fatter sticks, such as 2B so that when they go back to “regular” or “thinner” sticks, they have it even easier to play.

Should I use 5A or 5B drumsticks?

5B. The 5B pair of drum sticks is very similar to that of a 5A but is slightly thicker. Since the 5B is slightly thicker, there will be a more powerful sound when hitting the drum, but for the most part everything else is the same.

What size drumsticks did John Bonham use?

Throughout the 1970s John clung to his Promuco ‘Trees’ and together they created some of the most iconic and celebrated rhythms in rock history.

Promuco Drumsticks John Bonham Signature.
SKU 19015JB
Diameter 0.591
Length 16.142
Tip Wooden
Stick Type Drum Sticks

What are 2B drumsticks used for?

By combining the number and letter, these codes give you an idea of what sounds each drumstick is best suited to create. For example, 7A indicates a thin stick, best suited for performances with an orchestra. 2B indicates a thick stick, best suited for performances with a loud band.

How long is a 7A drumstick?

Length: 15-1/2″ Diameter: . 540″

Are heavier drum sticks better?

The weight of your drumsticks affects how they feel and sound. While thicker, heavier sticks provide more volume and durability, lighter sticks are thinner and easier to handle.

What size drumsticks did Buddy Rich use?

His setup included a 14×24 bass drum (with a moleskin patch and a wooden beater), a 9×13 rack tom, two 16×16 floor toms, and a 5×14 snare drum. His Avedis Zildjian cymbals, which included a 20″ ride, two 18″ crashes, a pair of 14″ hi-hats, and a 6″ splash, shimmered when he struck them.

What drumsticks does Dave Grohl use?

The Dave Grohl Artist Series Drumstick model prominently features metallic, two-color artwork of Grohl’s famous tattoos on both of his arms. This model also features large dimensions, a length of 16 3/4” and . 600″ diameter for extra power and reach as well as an acorn-shaped tip for sound clarity.

How long is a 5A drumstick?

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Size 5A 5A
Tip Material Wood Wood
Length 16″ 16″
Diameter .565″ .565″

How thick is a 2B drumstick?

2B (L = 16 1/4″ ; Dia.

What drumsticks does Travis Barker use?

Signature Sticks from Zildjian

The Zildjian Travis Barker Artist Series are quality hickory Zildjian sticks. These signature drumsticks offer excellent throw, balance and durability, and have a cool white finish. Great for heavy hitting live performances.

What drum set did Nirvana use?

In Nirvana, Dave Grohl used various Tama drum kits – Tama Granstar, Granstar II and Artstar II. His set-up almost always looked like this: 8”x14” Birch Snare. 14”x15” Rack Tom.

What drum heads does Taylor Hawkins use?

He uses clear Emperor batters with an Emperor X for the snare and a Powerstroke 3 kick drum batter and those heads let me tune exactly how I need to get that big tone with projection. “As far as Taylor’s cymbals go, it’s a pretty unusual set-up. He uses three Zildjian rides.. but he has two of them as crashes.

What size are Travis Barkers drum sticks?

Designed by the super quick drummer for one of the world’s most colorful bands. This black version of Travis’ original stick features a popping silver metallic logo. The stick’s round wood bead and beefy neck stand up to aggressive playing styles.

What size are Travis Barkers sticks?

16-3/8″ long
Zildjian Travis Barker Signature Drum Sticks are 16-3/8″ long, .595″ diameter, wood tip.