What is the name of the host in Canterbury Tales?

Harry Bailly
Harry Bailly, Bailly also spelled Bailey, fictional character, the genial and outspoken host of the Tabard Inn who accompanies the group of pilgrims to Canterbury in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (c. 1387–1400). Bailly suggests the storytelling competition that is the frame for The Canterbury Tales.

Is Chaucer the host in Canterbury Tales?

The Host (Harry Bailly or Harry Bailey) is a character who plays a key role in and throughout Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

Who is the host in general prologue?

Harry Bailly is host at the Tabard Inn and puts the whole group of pilgrims up when they stop on their way to Canterbury. He has so much fun with the group that he comes up with the idea of a competition of tale telling that will happen on the journey. He then becomes the Host for the journey as well.

What class is the host in Canterbury Tales?

Geoffrey Chaucer

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Why did the host go to Canterbury?

Harry Bailly is the Host of the Tabard Inn and the journey to Canterbury. The reasons for the tales being told on the way to Canterbury is due to his suggestion of a wager during the pilgrimage. His tends to be a happy fellow that helps mitigate between the company and teases and jokes to keep everyone in a good mood.

Is the host in Canterbury tales a pilgrim?

With the Host, The Canterbury Tales have a built-in audience. What do we mean by that? Well, the Host is the pilgrim we most often see responding to the tales, which makes him kind of a mirror image of us, the reader, who are responding to them, too.

What does the host in the Canterbury Tales propose?

What plan for the group does the host propose? The host decides that everyone will tell a story on the way there and the way back.He will decide which are the best. There is a punishment for anyone who complains about his decision and a reward for the best tale.

Is the cousin of arcite?

Palamon, possible cousin of Arcite, is at least “brother-in-arms” according to Dryden. Arcite is a knight of royal blood, although this is not fully explained in the text. Emily (Emelye or Emilye) is the princess and stepdaughter or possibly niece of the king.

Who are the pilgrims in the Canterbury tales?

The use of a pilgrimage as the framing device enabled Chaucer to bring together people from many walks of life: knight, prioress, monk; merchant, man of law, franklin, scholarly clerk; miller, reeve, pardoner; wife of Bath and many others.