Cold 187um’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Intro American rapper
Is Musician 
Record producer 
From United States of America 
Type Business 
Gender male
Birth 2 August 1967, Pomona
Age: 53 years

Gregory Fernan Hutchinson (born August 4, 1967 in Pomona, California), better known by his stage names Big Hutch and Cold 187um (pronounced cold one-eighty seven-um), is a rapper and producer, and the lead act of the rap group Above the Law. Cold 187um is credited for being the creator of G-Funk and Rock Soul. He is signed to WestWorld Records, a label he founded.


Hutchinson is the nephew of late R&B singer Willie Hutch.

Above the Law signed to Ruthless Records in late 1989, releasing their debut album, Livin’ Like Hustlers, in 1990. The album was overseen and co-produced by producer Dr. Dre, who would soon leave the label and start up Death Row Records, and featured members of the group N.W.A. Hutch claims that, as Dr. Dre’s “understudy” at Ruthless—and, to a degree, the N.W.A-producer’s protégé—he created the blueprint to the G-funk sound, for which Dre was subsequently credited.

Above the Law contributed greatly to the continuing success of Ruthless after Dre’s departure and the breakup of N.W.A During his tenure on the label, he produced for Eazy-E’s 5150: Home 4 tha Sick and the Dr. Dre-indicting It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa, MC Ren’s The Villain in Black and the song “All Over a Ho” for the Menace II Society soundtrack, amongst other projects. Hutch and his group parted ways with Ruthless in 1996, and in mid-1999 the producer was brought in by Suge Knight to replace Daz Dillinger as head producer for Death Row Records. During his tenure there, 187um would oversee production on the posthumous 2Pac album Until the End of Time and touch up unreleased Dogg Pound tracks for 2002, an unauthorized album by the duo released on Death Row. In 2004, Above the Law was put on hold, as 187um was jailed for drug trafficking. Upon his release, the group has been writing, recording, and touring; as a solo artist, Hutch released Fresh Out the Pen in August 2008, and both “EF U Hutch” in November 2010 and Only God Can Judge Me in April 2011 in collaboration with Big Shot Music Group.

Hutchinson began his association with Insane Clown Posse in 2001, when the duo covered the Above The Law song “Murder Rap” on The Wraith: Shangri-La. In 2010, Hutchinson intended to perform at the Gathering of the Juggalos, but subsequently declined the invitation to perform due to his mother’s illness. In 2011, as Big Hutch, Hutchinson toured with Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie as part of the American Psychos Tour in October. Hutchinson was a featured artist on “Where Do We Go From Here?”, which was recorded during that tour. Later in the year, it was announced that Hutchinson had signed with Psychopathic Records, and his album The Only Solution was released on October 22, 2012. Hutchinson also plans to release a book. Cold 187um left Psychopathic in 2013 due to poor sales and feedback of The Only Solution.

In 2013, Cold 187um teamed up with CM3 Media Group taking on two protégés one male, Cali Barnes, and one female, Shaelyn Rolf. The joint venture did not last long due to mishaps with CM3 Media Group.

On April 1, 2014 Cold 187um released his new album titled The Big Hit which features Royal Crown, and his new female protégé Shaelyn Rolf. Hutch produced the whole album himself staying true to the classic west coast G-Funk sound. The track “Death to the Fake” being a diss to rapper Tyga for using 187 as his call. “Diaries of a Drug Dealer” highlights Hutch’s life as a drug dealer and his time in prison. Notable tracks include “Goodies Girl” “Remain Untouchable ft. Royal Crown” and “Eye of Your Storm ft. Shaelyn Rolf”. “Eye of Your Storm” is a rock soul track, a genre created by Shaelyn Rolf and Big Hutch meshing the sounds of classic rock, soul, and classic G-Funk.

Shortly after the release of “The Big Hit” the G-funk legend received placement for “My Life” (Cali Barnes ft. Shaelyn Rolf) in the documentary “The Drew. No Excuse Just Produce”. The film, directed by Baron Davis highlights South Central’s Nike Drew League. The film received high praise at the 2015 LA Film Festival. The documentary features guest appearances by Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Byron Scott. The song features his male protegé Cali Barnes, a male rapper out of Victorville, CA. Before “My Life” Cali Barnes released “Remember Me” produced by Cold187um, but the single never got a proper release. The song was written shortly after the three departed ways with CM3 Media Group.

In August 2015, Cold 187um was featured on Dr. Dre’s album Compton on the track “Loose Cannons”. The track features Xzibit and Sly Pyper.

On October 24, 2015 The Hip Hop Foundation released an article on their website titled “5 Legendary Hip Hop Producers You Never Hear About” giving Cold 187um the number one spot. The article credits him for being a legend that pioneered a generation of west coast hip hop sound G-Funk.


Solo albums

  • 1999: Executive Decisions
  • 2004: Live from the Ghetto
  • 2008: Fresh Out the Pen
  • 2010: EF U Hutch (Prequel EP to Only God Can Judge Me)
  • 2011: Only God Can Judge Me
  • 2011: From Pomona With Love (Mixtape)
  • 2012: The Only Solution
  • 2014: The Big Hit
  • 2016: The Blackgodfather

Production credits

Year Artist Song(s) Album
1990 N.W.A “100 Miles and Runnin'” 100 Miles and Runnin’
1992 Eazy-E “Neighborhood Sniper” 5150: Home 4 tha Sick
1993 Mz Kilo “All over a Ho” Menace II Society (soundtrack)
1993 Eazy-E “Any Last Werdz” It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa
1994 Kokane Entire album Funk Upon a Rhyme
1995 Frost Various tracks Smile Now, Die Later
1995 Kam “Givin’ It Up” Made in America
1996 MC Ren 6 tracks The Villain in Black
1996 Mac Mall “Opening Doors” Untouchable
2001 2Pac 3 tracks Until the End of Time
2013 Big Hoodoo 2 tracks (“Crystal Skull” and “Happily Ever After”) Crystal Skull
2014 Shaelyn Rolf 3 tracks (“Tick Tick” “Intoxicated” “Not the Same) Shaelyn Rolf EP
2014 Cali Barnes Remember Me Cali Barnes EP
2014 Cold 187um Entire Album The Big Hit
2014 Cali Barnes and Shaelyn Rolf “My Life” The Drew: No Excuse Just Produce Soundtrack
2015 Dr. Dre One track (“Loose Cannons”) Compton