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Jennifer Faith is the wife of James Faith. Lopez of Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee, was arrested by local authorities on January 11 and charged with murder. Later, federal authorities charged him with transporting a firearm in interstate commerce.

He is accused of arming himself with a .45 caliber pistol and driving from his home in Tennessee to the Faith home in Texas on the morning of October 9. The US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas said he waits, then shot the victim seven times “before running away and returning home. The gun was found in López’s home after his arrest, according to authorities.

Jennifer Faith was arrested at her home Wednesday and charged with one count of destroying an object with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation, the US Attorney’s Office said in a press release. She was booked into the Dallas County Jail, records show.

In a complaint released Thursday, authorities accused Jennifer Faith of texting Lopez prior to her arrest telling her “how to respond to possible police questioning.” She also told him to remove a “T” sticker from the back of her truck because witnesses reported seeing it on the day of her murder, prosecutors said.

“So I woke up with a bit of a panic … something is eating away at me telling me to remove the decal from the rear window of the truck,” Jennifer Faith texted Lopez on Dec. 3, according to the complaint. . .

Authorities said Lopez responded that he did not want to remove the sticker at once because her daughters “would notice.” Days later, he allegedly told Jennifer Faith that the sticker had been removed.

“Oh YAY !!! Thank you !! “she replied, according to the complaint.” I feel MUCH better. ”

In another text, authorities said Jennifer Faith updated Lopez on her efforts to collect on her husband’s life insurance policy.

Prosecutors also alleged that she told Lopez that she was cleaning her phone and instructed him on how to respond to the police if she was asked about the nature of her relationship.

“Don’t text me on Monday. I’m going to factory reset my phone on Sunday night after deleting the text messages,” a message read, according to the complaint.

“If they ask about you, you are an old friend in the process of divorce. We talk every night because I am helping / supporting the girls since you have sole custody. If the time ever comes, I will respond in kind. Just so that you and I have the same explanations, “she supposedly wrote herself in a text message.” I just think in case [the police] take phone records and ask. ”

The deleted messages were later recovered from López’s cell phone, according to authorities.

“Thanks to the dedication of our agents and officers, Ms. Faith was unable to prevent law enforcement from identifying the killer of her husband,” US Attorney Prerak Shah said in a statement. “Still, we cannot allow her obstruction of justice to continue. We are determined to hold her accountable for her crime.”

Jennifer Faith Age

Jennifer Faith is 48 years old.

James Faith Cause of Death

James Faith was killed on October 9 after he was shot seven times while walking in his Oak Cliff neighborhood with his wife, Jennifer Faith. About two months after the crime, Jennifer Faith spoke to the local media and demanded justice.

James Faith, who worked as a chief technology officer at American Airlines, died after being shot multiple times while walking his dog with Jennifer Faith.

Almost two months after James Faith’s death, WFAA spoke to Jennifer Faith in her first television interview on December 2. She said that she had no idea who killed her husband.

“I just hope that at some point this person can recognize the seriousness of what he has done. And feel some kind of guilt enough to come forward,” Jennifer Faith said during that interview. “I’m not supposed to be a widow at 48.”

James Faith & Jennifer Faith

About two months after the crime, Jennifer Faith spoke to the local media and demanded justice.

“We walk our dog every morning, and it’s like our bonding time in the morning,” she told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. “Just the two of us”.

She said that the day her husband was killed, she heard someone running after them. When she turned around, the person “started shooting at her,” she said. In another interview with the WFAA, she said the gunman accosted her, hit her and taped her hands. James Faith, IT director for American Airlines, was killed at the scene.

At one point in the interview with WFAA, Jennifer Faith seemed emotional when she described the loss of her husband of 15 years.

“I’m not supposed to be a widow at 48,” she said, pleading with the suspect to come forward. “I just hope that at some point maybe this person can recognize the seriousness of what she has done and some kind of guilt enough to show up.”

While Jennifer Faith appeared to be a grieving widow, federal authorities said she had been in communication with the alleged gunman, Darrin Lopez, with whom she was having an affair.