Khalil Abdel-Karim’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

Intro Lawyer, writer
Is Writer
From Egypt
Type Law
Gender male


Khalil Abdel-Karim (خليل عبد الكريم Arabic) (born in Aswan City in Upper Egypt) is an Egyptian writer, scholar and lawyer.

Early life

Mr. Khalil Abdul-Karim joined the Muslim Brotherhood in his youth. After attaining his high school diploma he traveled to Cairo to study Law and he graduated from Cairo University (then, Fouad the First University).


Mr. Abdul-Karim started his law-practice office where he was the head of the defense team (Primary and Appeal Courts) in the case of Professor Nasr Abu Zayd who was sued for ridda (apostasy from Islam) and for separation from his wife.


Books of Khalil Abdel-Karim: All in Arabic with some translations:

  • “For Applying Shari’a not for Governing”
  • “Man-women Relationship during the prophetic and caliphate periods the soiciety of yathrib”
  • “The Historical roots of Islamic shari’a”
  • “qurayish: from tribe to state”
  • “Islam between the civil and islamic state”
  • “Shadou Rababa bi ahwal mujtama’al-sahaba”
  • “The Arabs and the women”
  • “The state of yathreb The year of Delegates”
  • “Against the fundamentalism of Islamists”
  • “The Eslabished period of Mohamed”
  • “The Founding Concepts of the Islamic Left”