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Tyler Terry has been on the run since last Monday and launches a six-day manhunt in South Carolina. South Carolina police said they were tracking Tyler Terry, a quadruple murder suspect, who allegedly shot at lawmakers during a 100-mph high-speed chase earlier in the week.

Both Highway 9 and Richburg Road were closed. The sheriff’s office asked local residents to “lock their doors, secure their firearms, stay inside and report suspicious activities around trash cans, warehouses, etc.”

Tyler Terry Age

Tyler Terry is 26 years old.

Tyler Terry Suspect Arrested – Charges

A manhunt started around 23:00 on Monday. when lawmakers try to pull a “suspicious vehicle”. The driver refused to stop and ran up 100 miles an hour, escaping from the deputies. Police told FOX 46 Charlotte that Terry fired multiple shots during the chase, crashing into two police cars.

The chase ended when the car crashed and Terry escaped, but driver Adrienne Simpson was arrested at the scene. He also faces at least one murder charge. The FBI was offering a $ 12,000 reward for the information that led to Terry’s arrest.

Terry was charged with four murders, the last of which was the death of Eugene Simpson, whose body was found on Thursday. Terry is also charged with a double murder in Missouri and another murder in York County, just north of Chester County in South Carolina.

He is also wanted for five attempted murders resulting from an armed attack and other criminal activities on 2 May in Chester. On Saturday, police told residents to watch out for “their stables, crawling areas and going out”.

“In addition, if you have deer cameras in or around the area we are looking for, please contact our whistleblower line,” the sheriff’s office tweeted. “Don’t bring them back yourself. We’ll send someone to your address to handle this.”

Since then, he was last seen heading into the woods behind nearby Mount Ararat AME Zion Church.

“After he ran off in that wooded area, we started sending out a bunch of different teams in a bunch of different areas,” Suskin said. “Pretty much everywhere in this area is thick terrain. It is really easy for someone to make a few moves and slip away and try to hide.”

Mount Ararat AME Zion Church Pastor Laveria Wynn told WBTV that God sent her a message to cancel in-person services on Sunday.

“I’m just thankful to God,” Wynn said. “If I would have not listened to God yesterday, we would have had services there today. I feel like our story could have ended in a different way if we were there today.”

Wynn said she told her congregation to stay calm amid the search for this accused killer.

“The message basically was, I tried to tell them to trust God, that God was in the midst and stay calm,” Wynn said.

Officials with the York, Chester and Lancaster counties, along with FBI, ATF, Homeland Security and other police agencies have been assisting in the search.

Investigation Report

According to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement officers continue to search in the area of Ernandez Road, Highway 223, Highway 9, and Highway 901 and are maintaining a heavy presence in Richburg and Fort Lawn areas.

“If you have a loved one, kin or friends in the Richburg area, please try to contact them to check-in. If you cannot contact them, let us know and we will try to make contact. Additionally, if you have property here and are on vacation, contact us and we will check on it,” the Chester County Sheriff’s Office said.

WBTV spoke with Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey on Saturday about the latest developments.

Dorsey said his law enforcement officers have no information that makes them believe Terry has left their “perimeter” or that someone is helping him. “We’re going to be here until we have evidence that leads us somewhere else,” Dorsey said.

The sheriff said there are more than 100 people helping with the search, and that drones, dogs, helicopters, and other resources are being used. As long as I’m here we’re going to have every asset and resource here to ensure safety,” Dorsey said. Dorsey also said that through the fugitive investigation, deputies learned more about Terry and his capabilities. He also said they have received a number of tips.