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Thomas Stephen Monaghan was born on the 25th March 1937, in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, and is a businessman and philanthropist, noted as the founder of Domino’s Pizza, which he subsequently sold to devote himself to Catholic philanthropy and political causes. He was also the owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team in the MLB.

How much is the net worth of Tom Monaghan? It has been calculated by authoritative sources that the outright size of his wealth is as much as $500 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2016.

Tom Monaghan Net Worth $500 Million

After the death of his father when Tom was four years old, his mother delivered him and his brother to a Catholic orphanage, where they were raised by Polish nuns. In the year of adolescence, he entered the seminary, but he was expelled; he was not a good student and never finished college. During his seminary life, Tom learnt maths and decided that money was a fundamental part of human development. His seminary studies led him to create one of the companies that provided the opportunity for career advancement within the same and overall vision of the world, long before globalization.

Tom bought a pizzeria called Dominicks with his brother James for less than $900. Years later, he took over the business, after delivering his brother his only possession, a Volkswagen Beetle. In 1968, Monaghan opened a new store in Burlington, under the name of Domino’s Pizza. As a result of the successful business, he already had 1,100 branches of Domino’s Pizza by 1983. Like many self-respecting rich extravagant businessmen, he acquired assets, for example the baseball team Detroit Tigers, collected luxury cars, and the works of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Monaghan then had a spiritual change after reading C.S. Lewis’ book “Mere Christianity” in 1989 particularly his egotism. After reflecting two years on pride, and examining his life to explore the religious goals, he decided to take vows of poverty and sell Domino’s Pizza in 1998. Today he is dedicated to his real estate project Ave Maria Town, and the university. Ave Maria Town is a Catholic town located in Florida, USA, where more than 700 people live in 270 houses. It has a school, a university, a shopping centre, a golf course, tennis courts, offices, pharmacy and even a church; the plan is to reach 25,000 inhabitants. Monaghan controls his religious empire through Ave Maria Foundation.

Yet, Tom has been involved in some controversies related to Ave Maria Law School. The Law School provided legal assistance to high school student Betsy Hansen, so that she could sue her school, which she believed had suspended their right to freedom of expression in forbidding the nomination of a pastor to participate in a panel discussion about homosexuality, because the school did not agree with what the pastor might say about homosexual relationships.

Finally, in the personal life of Tom Monaghan, he and Marjorie Zybach married in 1962; they have four daughters.

Net Worth $500 Million
Date Of Birth March 25, 1937
Place Of Birth Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Profession Businessman, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist
Education University of Michigan
Nationality American
Spouse Marjorie Zybach (m.1962-)
Children Margaret, Susan, Mary, Barbara
Awards Ave Maria Mutual Funds, Ave Maria University, Florida,Ave Maria College, Spiritus Sanctus Academies
Record Labels Domino’s Pizza
TV Shows Great Leaders (TV Series 2001– )