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Intro Chief scribe of the Egyptian court
Is Scribe
From Egypt
Type Literature
Gender male

Yuny or Iuny was an official through the reign of Ramesses II, in the 19th Dynasty, serving as chief scribe of the court, the overseer of priests, and royal steward. His tomb at Deir Durunka, south of Assiut, portrays Yuny as an hereditary prince and a count. A life-sized statue of him was discovered in his tomb.

Viceroy of Kush

Yuni served as Head of the-stable-of-Sethy-I, Charioteer of His Majesty, and Chief of the Medjay before becoming Viceroy during the reign of Seti I. He would use some of these titles simultaneously. On a stela from Abydos -now in the Cairo Museum (Jd’E 34620) – the inscription reads:

Made by the Superintendent of Deserts in the Southern Foreign country, Viceroy in Nubia (Ta-Sety), Chief of Works in the Estate of Amun, Chief of the Madjayu-militia, Iuny.(Kitchen)

Yuni started the Egyptian building projects at Amara West and Aksha. It was “on his orders that the first blocks of the Abu Simbel temples were cut.” Iuny commemorated his work with a rock-cut scene showing himself standing before Ramesses II on the Abu Simbel cliff. After ten years under Ramesses II, Iuny retired from his post in Nubia. He was succeeded by Heqanakht.