How do you take your first punch?

How do you condition your body to take a punch?

How do you fight a punch?

Aim for your opponent’s cheek or jaw when you throw the punch. Make sure to lock your wrist so the back of your hand stays in line with your elbow to get the most power. Put your hands up with open palms to make it look like you don’t want to fight anymore before throwing a hook with the arm you have out in front.

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Should you throw the first punch in a fight?

In most cases, you absolutely want to be the first one to punch. As said with others here, in real life situations where your life is being threatened, you want to overwhelm and subdue the enemy as fast as possible so that the threat is neutralized and you can get away from danger.

Why do I get scared before a fight?

Our mind wants to keep us safe and that means staying in your comfort zone. Going into fight is a physically threatening situation which means our mind does its job to keep us safe by going into a fight-or- flight response; that’s when the nerves, anxiety and doubts begins.

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