How much does it cost to start an animation studio?

The initial capital investment that you would need to start a 3D animation studio is dependent on the amount you are willing to invest in the business. But on the average, you would need anything from $100,000 to get started.

How much money do animation studios make?

Animators in the bottom 10 percent get under $38,520 a year, and the top 10 percent get higher than $115,960 a year. Animators working for the motion picture industry average $75,630 a year, while those working for computer systems design companies earn a slightly lower $73,800 annually on average.

How do animators get clients?

How do animation studios work?

An animation studio is a company producing animated media. The broadest such companies conceive of products to produce, own the physical equipment for production, employ operators for that equipment, and hold a major stake in the sales or rentals of the media produced.