What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets?
  • Type 1: Full Face Helmets.
  • Type 2: Modular Helmets.
  • Type 3: Open Face Helmets.
  • Type 4: Dirt Bike Helmets (a.k.a. “Off-Road” Helmets)
  • Type 5: Dual Sport Helmets.
  • Type 6: Half Shell Helmets.

What are the three types of motorcycle helmets?

There are six main types of motorcycle helmets: full face, modular, open face, half, off-road, and dual-sport.

What are the two main types of motorcycle helmets?

There are three different types of helmets you can choose from: open face helmets, full face helmets and flip front helmets.

How do I know my helmet shape?