100+ Names For Cows And Their Meanings

Cows are surprisingly intelligent animals often used as pets or for outside work. Just like useful names for ducks and chickens discussed previously, cows also need unique names as they are popular pets and also used as a source of income. However, just like other pet animals, it is necessary to take their utmost care and provide them with the necessary resources.

It can be both fun and hectic to find a name for a pet cow. If you have already decided to get a cow, the first thing you should do apart from making its shed is pick its name. To make your name-hunting process easy, we have rounded up over 100 cow names be it for the pet or income source cow. You can make your pick from the list below.

Popular Names are mostly derived from TV shows, books, cartoons, and other places. You have probably heard of these names before but you can never go wrong with these names. Some of the most popular names for cows are listed below.

1. Daisy

Derived from the Old English word dægeseage, Daisy refers to Day’s eye and is also associated with the daisy flower.

2. Penny

The female name comes from the Greek name Penelope and refers to Weaver.

3. Bella

Bella is a female name of Latin and Italian origin which means Beautiful.

4. Rose

Rose is a Latin ancestry name and translates to Rose and Flower.

5. Brownie

Brownie makes a lovely name for your sweet brown pet.

6. Dottie

The name Dottie is also called Gift of God which comes from the Greek word Dōrothéa.

7. Snowy

Snowy is an English gender-neutral name with its meaning Filled with frozen rain.

8. Sugar

Sugar, a term of endearment used for a charming pet cow.

9. Penelope

The meaning of the Greek name Penelope is Weaver.

10. Betty

The meaning of the Hebrew descent moniker Betty is Oath of God.

Cute Cow Names

Whether you have a small baby cow or a big one despite their size, cows are still the cutest. Here are some of the cute cow names, you can consider for your new pet buddy.

11. Maggie

The feminine name of Greek origin Maggie means Pearl.

12. Violet

The female name of Latin origin Violet means Purple and is an English name.

13. Polly

Polly, a diminutive of the name Molly translates as Star of the Sea. This moniker is of Latin origin.

14. Betsy

Betsy is a variant of the Hebrew name Bethia, which means Daughter and Worshipper of God.

15. Holly

Derived from the holly plant, the name Holly means Resilience and Eternal life.

16. Cookie

A sweet little biscuit name for your sweetest pet cow.

17. MooMoo

Another popular name in this list is MooMoo. This is a great nickname for a cow after the sound when a cow moos.

18. Buttercup

Buttercup is a playful name choice and refers to the Yellow Wildflower.

19. Molly

The meaning of the Irish-origin moniker Molly is Star of the Sea.

20. Dixie

Dixie is a name of French origin and translates to Tenth. Even if this cow isn’t your tenth pet, this is a cute name for your pet cow.

21. Lila

A feminine name of Arabic, German, Persian, and Sanskrit origins, Lila means Night, Beauty, Purple, and Divine Play.

22. Esme

Esme is a female name of French origin that is also referred to as Esteemed or Beloved.

23. Jolly

The meaning of English, Scottish, and French moniker Jolly is Cheerful, Happy, Merry, and Joyous.

24. Lily

The female name Lily comes from Latin origin and means Pure.

25. Nero

Nero is a masculine name, meaning Black, Vigorous, and Strong. This Italian descent moniker is derived from Latin and Roman roots.

Funny Cow Names

The cow’s name doesn’t always need to be serious, it can also be funny and playful. If you have a lively cow, you can give them any name from the list below.

26. Mama-Moo

A funny cow name is Mama-Moo. This name is for the mother cows who constantly moo every time you go near their calf.

27. Beefy

This name is derived from a food, beef which is the flesh of a cow, bull, or ox, and is a playful name for cows.

28. Cinnamon

This name is derived from a food spice made from the bark of cinnamon trees and is often used to add flavor to dishes and baked treats.

29. Jersey

Jersey refers to a breed of small dairy cows that originated in the U.K. and is a playful name for a pet cow.

30. Big Mac

A stylish, delicious, and globally famous burger from McDonald’s makes a sweet and funny name for a pet cow.

31. Tootsie

A funny yet sweet name Tootsie refers to the Tootsie Roll candy.

32. Dakota

Dakota is a gender-neutral name derived from a Native American Sioux tribe that translates as Friend or Ally.

33. Milkshake

Milkshake is an English word that refers to the Sweet milky drink and is a playful name for a black-and-white cow.

34. Sprinkles

This colorful and playful name is suitable for a lively cow that sprinkles happiness wherever they go.

35. Joy

Joy is a feminine Latin origin name and translates to Great Pleasure and Happiness.

36. Ginger

A warm and spicy name Ginger is ideal for a playful and free-spirited cow.

37. Milky Way

The funny name Milky Way refers to a beautiful galaxy or a sweet chocolate bar.

38. MosCOW

MosCOW, a playful but locational name that refers to the Capital city of Russia named after the Moskva River makes a perfect name for your pet cow.

Female Cow Names

If you are wondering what to name your beautiful female cow, your search ends here. In this block, we have listed some gorgeous names that will suit your cow perfectly.

39. Belle

The feminine name with French ancestry Belle translates to Beautiful, Fair, and Lovely one.

40. Bertha

Bertha is a female name of Old German roots which means The bright one or Famous.

41. Rosie

The meaning of the Latin descent moniker Rosie is the Rose flower.

42. Millie

Millie is derived from the German names Millicent, Melicent, and Mildred which means Gentle strength or Strong in work.

43. Shila

The Indian girl’s name Shila is of Sanskrit origin and means Gentle or Expressing.

44. Ella

The girl’s name of English, German, and Hebrew origin, Ella means Beautiful, Fairy maiden and Goddess.

45. Luna

The feminine given name comes from the Italian root and refers to the Moon.

46. Muffin

A sweet little dessert named Muffin is perfect for your beautiful brown cow.

47. Shelly

Shelly is a feminine name of Old English origin that means Meadow’s edge or Clearing on a bank.

48. Darla

Derived from the English descent, Darla refers to Darling and Dearly loved.

49. Annabelle

This is a name of Hebrew origin and means Beauty or Favored grace.

50. Nellie

Nellie is an adorable name that comes from the Latin name Cornelia and translates as Horn or Sun ray.

Traditional Cow Names

Are you looking for some traditional names for your cow? If yes, then, here we have a dozen traditional names that will be a perfect fit for your pet.

51. Magic

Magic is a feminine name of English origin that translates as A supernatural power or Illusion.

52. Clara

Derived from Latin origin, Clara refers to Bright or Famous.

53. Bessie

Bessie is a female name of Hebrew origin which means Pledged to God or God is my oath.

54. Emma

Emma, a given feminine name of German origin means Whole or Universal.

55. Gerty

Gerty is a charming German ancestry name and translates to Strong Spear.

56. Dorothy

The meaning of the Greek descent moniker Dorothy is Gift of God.

57. Annie

Annie is a feminine name of Hebrew origin and translates as Grace or Favor.

58. Aspen

Aspen is a gender-neutral name deriving from the Old English word Aespe, meaning Aspen tree or Shaking tree.

59. Elsie

The feminine given name of Scottish origin, Elsie means Pledged to God.

60. Blake

Blake is a gender-neutral name of British origin meaning Black, Dark, Bright, Shining, or Pale.

61. Duke

The meaning of the Latin origin moniker Duke is Leader.

62. Blaze

Blaze is primarily a gender-neutral name with the meaning Fire or Flame. This charming name is said to have derived from the Latin roots.

Names for Brown Cows

Have you recently brought home a brown-colored cow and want some names based on the cow’s outer coat? If yes, then, here we have a list of names for brown-colored cows for your inspiration.

63. Hazel

The feminine name Hazel comes from British origin and refers to The hazel tree.

64. Cocoa

The gender-neutral name of American origin, Cocoa means Powdered Chocolate.

65. Sienna

The meaning of the Italian origin name Sienna is Orange-Red.

66. Ruby 

Ruby is a feminine name of Latin and French descent and refers to a Deep red precious stone.

67. Russet

Russet is a gender-neutral name meaning, Reddish.

68. Mocha

Mocha is a popular coffee beverage and an English origin name meaning Beautiful and Faithful woman.

69. Amber

Amber is a feminine name of French and Latin origin and refers to Amber color.

70. Mahogany

Mahogany is a girl’s name of Spanish origin and means Dark redwood, Rich, or Strong.

71. Goldie

Goldie is a feminine name of British origin which is derived from the Yiddish name Golde or Golda. This beautiful name translates as Made of gold.

72. Acorn

A deep brown-colored acorn makes a unique name for your brown cattle.

73. Copper

Copper is a unisex name that refers to a Reddish-brown mineral.

74. Peaches

A sweet and juicy fruit name is perfect for peach-colored cattle.

Names for Black Cows

Black cows are gorgeous and have a majestic aura to them. Keeping their beauty in mind, we have collected some lovely names that will be a perfect fit for black-colored cows in this block.

75. Onyx

The meaning of the gender-neutral name Onyx is Claw or Nail. This name is of Greek origin and also refers to a black gemstone.

76. Jet

The English and Dutch origin moniker Jet is used for both boys and girls and refers to Black Stone, Home Ruler, Drop of the Sea, Bitter, and Beloved.

77. Minuit

Minuit is a girl’s name from French roots and translates as Midnight.

78. Black Beauty

This majestic name captures the elegance and beauty of a black cow perfectly.

79. Inkwell

A distinctive name inspired by the deep, dark color of ink makes a perfect name for the black-colored cows.

80. Alina

Alina is a girl’s name meaning Night. This is a sweet name for a black-colored cow.

81. Ciara

Ciara is primarily a feminine name of Irish origin and means Black-haired.

82. Noir

Noir means Black in French and is a lovely name for your beautiful black cow.

83. Ebony

The gender-neutral name of Latin origin Ebony refers to a Deep black wood.

84. Layla

Layla is a girl’s name of Hebrew and Arabic origin and translates as Night or Dark Beauty.

85. Smokey

Smokey is an American boy’s name, meaning Smoke-colored. This is a classic name for a black cow.

86. Shadow

Shadow is an Old English name that translates to Shade.

Names for White Cows

White cows are beautiful. If you are looking for a lovely name for your charming cow, don’t worry anymore. Here is a list of the best white cow names to inspire you.

87. Crystal

Crystal is a feminine name of Greek descent that signifies something precious and clear.

88. Cotton

Cotton is a female white cow name of English and American origin that comes from the Old  English word Cot, meaning Cottage or Hut.

89. Cloud

Cloud is a sweet name of British origin that symbolizes Visible vapor or Nebula

90. Ivory

The English-origin gender-neutral name Ivory translates as White as elephant tusks and Pale white.

91. Angel

The feminine name of Greek origin Angel refers to Messenger or Messenger from God.

92. Alaska

Alaska is a Native American name and translates to Great Land.

93. Pearl

The female name of Latin origin Pearl refers to a Pearl which is a hard, shiny, round-shaped object used for making jewelry.

94. Whitney

The gender-neutral name of British origin, Whitney refers to a White Island.

95. Bianca

The meaning of the Italian ancestry name Bianca is White or Pure.

96. Beau

Beau is a French baby boy’s name and translates as Handsome.

97. Neve

A girl’s name of Latin and Irish origin is Neve. This moniker translates as Snow, Bright, and Radiant.

98. Yuki

Yuki is a Japanese name that means Snow, Happiness, or Snow flower.

Names for Black and White Cows

Black and White cows originated from the Netherlands, and are also known as Holstein cattle. Some fun names that you can consider for black and white cows are as follows:

99. Patches

Patches is a feminine given name of English origin and means Rock or Stone. This name also refers to the small contrasting parts of something that help them stand out from the crowd.

100. Domino

Domino is a unisex name of French origin that translates as Lord or Master. This unique moniker also represents an ancient blocking board game.

101. Speckle

A short and unique name for a black and white cow is speckle. The name speckle means small spot or speck on the skin.

102. Maverick

Maverick is a boy’s name of American origin that translates to Independent and Nonconformist.

103. Spotty

Spotty is a nice nickname for a black and white cow and highlights its spots.

104. Perdita

The feminine name of Latin origin Perdita means Lost and is a famous character from One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

105. Oreo

A short and lovely name for a black and white cow is Oreo.

106. Tuxy

Tuxy is a sweet name that comes from Tuxedo, a black and white men’s formal wear.

107. Freckles

Freckles, a lovely name for a black and white cow refer to any small brownish spots in the skin

108. Panda

Panda is a cute name for a cow and refers to a black-and-white bamboo-eating animal.

109. Zebra

Zebra is an English name deriving from Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese origin. This moniker translates as Wild horse and represents a black-and-white striped animal.

110. Dice

Dice is a masculine name of Middle English origin and refers to a Dice which is a small numbered cube used in board games.