150+ Indian Baby Girl Names and Meanings

The country India has an enormous diversity of names to offer due to its numerous communities, variety of languages, and more than 100 years culture and history. The most fashionable, lovely, contemporary, unusual, and adorable Indian and Hindu girl names are available for you to select from, so whether you want to celebrate your ancestry or are searching for a name with a deep and meaningful meaning, we have it here for you.

Finding a name for your baby girl may be challenging because every name has the potential to be charming, lovely, and meaningful. Here is a sizable list of Indian baby girl names to aid in your decision-making.

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Top and Best Indian Girl Names

You as a parent of a newborn baby might find it interesting to know more about Indian naming customs and associated traditions if you’re thinking of giving your child an Indian name. India has a sizable and diverse population, and the numerous states and faiths there may have an impact on the baby names you choose. You may see the most popular Indian girl’s names on the list below.

1. Aabha

Indian girl named Aabha means ‘Glow’, ‘Light’, or ‘Brilliance which originated from Indian, Sanskrit.

2. Maanasi

Maansi is another name for Goddess Saraswati and refers to ‘Intellectual’ or ‘Spiritual Endeavour’. It belongs to Hindu religion.

3. Aakriti

The first name Aakriti is a Hindu girl’s name and translates to ‘Appearance’, ‘Figure’, or ‘Shape’.

4. Alia

Originated in Arabic words, Alia means ‘Supreme’ or ‘Exalted’ which is commonly used by the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian religions.

5. Aarushi

The Indian-origin name Aarushi is a female name that refers to ‘Flame’, Red Sky in the morning’, or ‘First rays of the Sun’.

6. Aarohi

Aarohi is of Indian descent which literally means ‘Music Tune’.

7. Akshara

The moniker is an Indian girl’s name, meaning ‘Letters’, ‘Goddess Saraswati’, or ‘Not Perishable’. Akshara is of Indian, Sanskrit ancestry.

8. Megha

The first name Meghan comes from the Sanskrit word and it means ‘Cloud’ in numerous lingo.

9. Rishika

The Indian ancestry feminine given name Rishika relates to ‘Learned’ or ‘Divine Worshippers’.

10. Samaira

Samaira is of Arabic heritage word which is mostly used by Muslims. The meaning of the female first name is ‘Enchanting’, ‘Guardia’, or ‘Protected by God’.

11. Sonia

A girl’s given name is of Slavic origin. It symbolizes ‘Wisdom’ and is derived from Sophia, a Greek roots moniker.

12. Taniya

The name is taken from the Russian ancestry word Tatiyana, which signifies ‘Fairy Queen’.

13. Varsha

The baby girl’s given name Varsha is of Hindi origin meaning ‘Rain’.

14. Yogeeta

Yogeeta is famously used by Hindu religion meaning ‘Enchanted’ or ‘Bewitched’.

15. Zoya

A beautiful girl named Zoya who literally means ‘Life’ is Russian in origin.

The number of people born in the United States who are of Indian origin has increased, which has contributed to the popularity of lovely Indian American girl names. Check out the list below for some of the popular Indian baby girl names:

16. Anika

Indian Baby Name Anika is a female given name of Sanskrit, German, Arabic, and African descent and also translates to ‘Graceful’, ‘Brilliant’, or ‘Sweet-faced’ in Sanskrit.

17. Aisha

The meaning of Aisha is ‘Well’ or ‘Alive’ which is Arabic in origin.

18. Arya

Also known as Aariya, Aarya, or Ariya is of Sanskrit and Old Iranian name that means ‘Noble person’.

19. Fatima

An Arabic feminine name Fatima refers to ‘Shining one’ or ‘Captivating’.

20. Veda

A girl’s name is of Sanskrit descent. Veda means ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Knowledge’.

21. Samira

The meaning of Samira is ‘Breeze’ or ‘Wind’ which is an Arabic and Sanskrit female given name.

22. Maya

The little girl’s name Maya is Sanskrit in descent. The meaning of Maya is ‘Mother’ or ‘Magic’.

23. Maryam

Maryan is a female name of Hebrew origin that means ‘Rebellious’ or ‘Beloved’.

24. Laila

Meaning ‘Dark-haired’ or ‘Of the night’, Laila is of Hebrew and Arabic name for the Muslim community.

25. Ila

Ila is of Indian, Sanskrit, and Scottish heritage name which is also a short form of Isabella. It refers to ‘The Earth’, ‘Heaven’, or ‘Sacred Speech’.

26. Diya

A gender-neutral name Diya is of Arabic origin and means ‘Light’ or ‘Glow’.

27. Aanya

The Indian female name Aanya is of Hindi, Hebrew, and Persian descent and translates to ‘Unique’, ‘Grace’, or ‘Precious’.

28. Advika

Originating from the Sanskrit word, Advika is a baby girl’s name meaning ‘World’, ‘Earth’, or ‘Unique’.

29. Navya

Navya means ‘Young’, ‘Worth praising’, or ‘Praiseworthy’ which is of Hindi descent.

30. Aarohi

Aarohi is of Indian origin which relates to other names Aarohee, Arohee, and Arohi. The meaning of Aarohi is ‘Hindustani classical music’.

Unique Indian Girl Names

Try one of these unusual or rare baby girl names if you want your child to stand out from the peak and carve their own path. The following list of 15 unique and uncommon Indian girl’s names includes:

31. Akanksha

Female names in India Akanksha meaning ‘Ambition’ or ‘Desire’. It is of Sanskrit heritage.

32. Abhilasha

A baby girl’s name Abhilasha means ‘Wish’ or ‘Desire’ which is of Indian origin.

33. Amrita

An Indian girl’s name is of Indian descent meaning ‘Immortality’ or ‘Priceless’.

34. Deepti

A Hindu girl’s first name Deepti means ‘The ray of hope’ or ‘A bright flame that blinds the eye’.

35. Chanda

The meaning of Chanda is ‘Moonlight’ which is a feminine name of Sanskrit origin.

36. Anju

The Romanized form of several given names of unrelated origin is a diminutive form of the girl’s name Anjali and Anjana. It means ‘One who lives in heart’ in Indian origin.

37. Gul

A common name in Turkish and Persian languages, Gul is a unisex name that refers to ‘Yellow Rose’ or ‘Flower’.

38. Kshitija

It is Indian in origin and symbolizes the ‘Point where the sky and sky appear to meet’ or ‘Daughter of the Earth’.

39. Fariha

Fariha also called Fareeha is an Urdu and Arabic female first name meaning ‘Happy’.

40. Gauri

The moniker also translates to ‘Fair’, ‘Goddess Parvati’, or ‘Brilliant woman’ which is of Indian origin.

41. Nithya

Nithya means ‘Eternal’ or ‘Another name of Durga’ and also of Sanskrit in descent.

42. Hema

The name called Hema is of Sanskrit ancestry. The meaning of Hema is ‘Of the goddess Lakhsi’ or ‘Earth’.

43. Indu

The significance of Indu is ‘Moon’ and is of Sanskrit and Malayalam descent.

44. Pushpa

Pushpa is a gender-neutral name that is famously used in Indian, Nepali, Marathi, Tamil, and other several languages. It refers to ‘Flower’ in Sanskrit.

45. Ritika

A girl’s name Ritika is of Sanskrit origin which means ‘On the move’.

Beautiul Indian Girl Names

Your baby girl might be the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen, and as such, she needs a name that reflects her beauty. Here are some lovely names for Indian girls that not only sound lovely but also have lovely meanings.

46. Arushi

Aarushi is a female name of Indian origin. It translates to ‘Dawn’ and variation of other names Aarooshi, Arooshi, and Aarushi.

47. Anisha

The name of Greek origin means ‘Supreme’, ‘Satisfaction’, or ‘Continuous’.

48. Anjali

It is a Sanskrit word that refers to ‘Divine offering’. 

49. Arhcana

The beautiful name Archana means ‘Respected’ or ‘Worship’ which is of Indian descent.

50. Darshana

Darshana symbolizes ‘Paying Respect’, ‘Observation’, or ‘Vision’ and is of origin in India.

51. Esha

A feminine name with various descents including Hindu and Arabic. It means ‘Desire’ or ‘Wish’ in Hindu.

52. Kavya

The Indian ancestry name Kavya means ‘Poem’ or ‘Poetry in motion’.

53. Dristhi

A baby girl’s name is of Indian origin which translates to ‘Sight’ or ‘Eye sight’.

54. Lavanya

Lavanya means ‘Grace’ or ‘Beauty’ and the unisex name is Indian in origin.

55. Kaur

The name title Kaur translates as ‘Loneliness’ and is commonly used as an Indian woman’s name.

56. Karishma

Karishma means ‘Miracle’ which is primarily a female name of Indian origin.

57. Sahara

The name with beautiful meanings Sahara means ‘Desert’. Sahara is of Indian and  Arabic origin.

58. Roshni

The Indian baby girl’s name Roshni is of Persian origin which means ‘Bright’ or ‘Brilliant’.

59. Reshmi

The Indian feminine given name Reshmi refers to ‘Ray of light’, ‘Full of light’, or ‘A silk-like woman’. It is of Sanskrit descent.

60. Saira

A female name in India Saira symbolizes ‘Princess’ and is of Hebrew origin.

Modern Indian Girl Names

Look out for some of these contemporary Indian baby girl names for your little trendsetter if you prefer trendy names with current twists that are less traditional. The finest names for Indian girls today are listed more far down.

61. Aadrika

An Indian female named Aadrika is of Sanskrit, Hindu, as well as Indian descent. It means ‘A celestial being’ or ‘Apsara’.

62. Aarna

Aarna means ‘Wave’ or ‘River’ and a feminine name is of Indian origin.

63. Ahana

The name Ahana meaning ‘Inner light’, ‘Immortal’, or ‘Inner happiness’ is of Sanskrit ancestry.

64. Adhira

Adhira is of Indian, Sanskrit, and Hindu origin which translates to ‘Lightning’ or ‘Strong’.

65. Amyra

It symbolizes ‘Princess’, ‘Leader’, or ‘Commander’ in Hebrew and Arabic descent.

66. Disha

Disha is Indian in origin and refers to ‘One who can show the right direction’.

67. Kashvi

Kashvi means ‘Shining’ or ‘Bright’ and is a feminine name of Hindi origin.

68. Kaveri

The name with powerful meaning is Indian in origin which refers to ‘River’ that flows through the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

69. Eshana

Eshana means ‘Wish’, ‘Aim’, or ‘Want’. The girl’s name is of Indian origin.

70. Jiya

The popular name for Indian girls is Jiya which means ‘Sunlight’, or ‘Radiance’. It is Indian (Sanskrit) in origin.

71. Nakshatra

Meaning ‘Heavenly boy’, ‘Pearl’, or ‘Star’, Nakshatra is of Indian and Sanskrit descent.

72. Priya

The Sanskrit origin name Priya means ‘Beloved’.

73. Keya

Keya is Sanskrit in descent which means ‘Mansoon flower’ or ‘Speed’.

74. Saanvi

The girl’s name Saanvi meaning ‘Follower of Lakshmi’ which is popular in India. It is primarily symbolizes Sanskrit origin.

75. Sarika

Sarika is another moniker for Durga which means ‘Flute’, ‘Beauty’, or ‘Friend’ with Indian ancestry.

Hindu Girl Names

Hindu naming practice may incorporate astrology and astronomy, and Hindu names are frequently mythologically rich. Check out these names that are inspired by nature’s wonder and beauty, then think about giving your little goddess a Hindu girl’s name.

76. Achyuta

Achyuta is an Indian girl name which was popular Indian girl name in 1990. In addition, it is also used in Bhagavad Gita as the personal name of Krishna which means ‘Unchangeable’ or ‘Immoval’.

77. Anupama

The Hindu and Sanskrit feminine given name Anupama refers to ‘Excellent’ or ‘Incomparable’.

78. Aditi

A female first name Aditi is of Indian and Sanskrit origins and means ‘Boundless’

79. Damayanti

Damayanthi is a Hindu or Sanskrit Indian female first name which means ‘Subduing’ or ‘Soothing’.

80. Deepika

A Hindu and Sanskrit Indian girl’s name Deepali refers to ‘Happiness in one’s life’ or ‘Joy’.

81. Deepika

It is a Hindu as well as Sanskrit female name that translates to ‘Light’ or ‘Lantern’.

82. Gayatri

A female name of Indian origin which is also the name of a Hindu goddess, which refers to the ‘Mother of Vedas’.

83. Lakshmi

The name Gayatri is derived from Hindi and Sanskrit roots that means ‘Good sign’.

84. Padma

A bloomingly beautiful choice for a little girl named Padma is Sanskrit in origin which means ‘Lotus’.

85. Parvati

Parvati is a Hindu goddess name of Sanskrit origin that translates to ‘Daughter of Mountains.

86. Radha

A girl’s name of Sanskrit and Hindu origin Radha refers to ‘Success’.

87. Sandhya

The name of Sanskrit descent refers to ‘Twilight’.

88. Sati

Sati is the Hindu goddess name which is also known as Gauri and Parvati. The Hindu or Sanskrit name refers to ‘Faithful’ or ‘Existent’.

89. Vani

The Hindu or Sanskrit name Vani means ‘Eloquent in words’.

90. Yamini

Yamini means ‘Light in the dark’ or ‘Artistic’ and is a Hindu or Sanskrit Indian baby girl’s name.

Cute Indian Girl Names

Visit our collection of short and adorably lovely Indian girl names to find a name as sweet as your little baby girl. There are many sweet Indian girl names available for you to pick from.

91. Asha

Indian female name Asha is a girl’s name of Indian and Arabic descent and means ‘Well’ or ‘Alive’.

92. Arti

A Hindu female given name is of Indian ancestry and translates to ‘Arti ritual’.

93. Dipali

Dipali means ‘Collection of lamps’ or ‘Row of lamps’ which is of Indian descent.

94. Dipa

A Hindu name of Sanskrit origin is popular in India as a feminine first name. The meaning of Dipa is ‘Lamp’

95. Gita

The name originated from Sanskrit and refers to ‘Sacred song’ or ‘Poem’.

96. Hira

Meaning ‘Diamon’, Hira is a feminine name of the Islamic and Hindu religions.

97. Jaya

The name is known as a girl’s name of Indian origin. The meaning of Jaya is ‘Victorious’.

98. Kasi

A gender-neutral name Kasi is of Greek and Sanskrit origins which translates to ‘Alert’ or ‘Watchful’.

99. Malini

The moniker originated from an Indian and Sanskrit word that means ‘Jasmine’, ‘Gardener’, or ‘Fragrant’.

100. Mira

The meaning of Mira is ‘Female ruler’, ‘Admirable’, or ‘Peace’. It derives from many origins across Spanish, Sanskrit, Latin, and Arabic.

101. Nila

A cute name of Indian origin, Nila is commonly used by today’s people that bear the meaning ‘Blue’.

102. Preeti

Preeti is derived from the Sanskrit word Priti which translates to ‘Pleasure’, ‘Kindness’, or ‘Favor’.

103. Rajani

A baby girl’s name of Sanskrit ancestry means ‘Night’.

104. Rashmi

The Indian and Sanskrit descent feminine given name Rashmi refers to ‘Ray of light’.

105. Sitara

Sitara means ‘A Star’ which is a female name of Indian origin.

Short Indian Girl Names

Maintaining a short, sweet name for your little princess can offer several benefits. Indian baby girl names that are short are simple to say and keep in mind. They also stop your child’s name from being mispronounced when it is called out or from being misspelled in a formal document.

So continue reading if you’re looking for unique, short names for your baby girl. To help you on your quest to choose an appropriate name for your child, we have put up a lengthy list of short Indian girl names with meanings.

106. Ara

The feminine name Ara means ‘Bringing rain’ which is a gender-neutral given name that originated in Armenia.

107. Abi

It is a short form of the Hebrew name Abigail which refers to ‘Joy of a Father’.

108. Bani

Bani refers to ‘Goddess Saraswati’ or Earth’. It is a girl’s name of Indian origin.

109. Bela

It is a gender-neutral name of Hungarian and Indian origin that means ‘Heart’ or ‘Pure’.

110. Charu

The unisex name Charu means ‘Beautiful’, ‘Pretty’, or ‘Loved’ and is linked to a Sanskrit word.

111. Dua

It is a modern baby girl’s name of Arabic origin which means ‘Love’ or ‘Prayer’ in Islamic religion.

112. Gini

The moniker Gini means ‘Gold’ and is of Hindi origin.

113. Hafa

Hafa refers to ‘Gentle rain’ which originated from Arabic.

114. Kaira

A baby girl’s name or Hollywood-inspired name Kaira means ‘Lord’ or ‘Beloved’. It is of Latin and Indian origin.

115. Mira

The moniker translates to ‘Female ruler’ or ‘Admirable’ which is of Spanish, Sanskrit, and Arabic origins.

116. Nia

A female name Nia is an energetic name of Swahili origin that means ‘Goal’ or ‘Purpose’.

117. Pari

It is commonly used in Iran and Persian-speaking countries, however, the meaning of Pari in Indian descent id ‘Fairy’ or ‘Angel’.

118. Piya

The Indian female given name Piya refers to ‘Beloved’ or ‘Pious’.

119. Ruhi

Ruhi is an Arabic and Indian gender-neutral name which means ‘Spritual’ or ‘Soulful’.

120. Sia

The name for both boy and girlhas Old Norse and Indian roots that means ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Victory’.

Long Indian Girl Names

Long baby names might seem elegant and give your child a wide range of nickname choices. Take a look at these elegant, lengthy Indian girl names which are some more lengthy in case you may like:

121. Arundhati

A female names Indian title Arundhati is of Sanskrit in origin which refers to ‘Washed from the rays of sun’.

122. Aishwarya

It is a Hindu Indian and Nepali both male or feminine first name which means ‘Wealth’ or ‘Prosperity’.

123. Anuradha

An Indian feminine given name Anuradha means ‘Good fortune’ or ‘Goddess of good luck’.

124. Anoushka

It is of Indian descent with the meaning of ‘Ray of light’.

125. Chandrakanta

Chandrakanta is of Indian origin that refers to ‘Wife of the moon’.

126. Indumati

The title Indumati is an Indian baby girl’s name meaning ‘Full Moon’.

127. Harshada

Harshada means ‘Delighted’ or ‘One who gives happiness’. It is Indian in descent.

128. Hemlata

It is a girl’s first name which means ‘Golden creeper’.

129. Jasminder

A Hindu or Panjabi Indian girl’s first name means ‘Glory of God’ or ‘Flower queen’.

130. Kanishka

The name derived from the name Keisha has African-American and Indian origins which refers to ‘Small’.

131. Saraswati

It is a feminine first name of Sanskrit origin and refers to ‘Pooling water’ or ‘Speech’.

132. Sukhwinder

Sukhwinder is the Sikh origin, meaning ‘One who brings the destiny’.

133. Shakuntala

An Indian feminine first name is of Indin origin which means ‘Mother of Bharath’ or ‘Wife of Shantanu’.

134. Vasundhara

The name is primarily a girl’s name of Indian origin that refers to ‘Earth’.

135. Vaishnavi

Vaishnavi means ‘Worshipper of Lord Vishnu’ which is linked to Hindi origin.

Indian Royal Names For Baby Girl

Everyone who is a parent treats their daughter like a real-life princess, and she will undoubtedly become a queen one day. The following list of Indian royal baby girl names, mostly queen and princess names:

136. Adhisha

A woman’s name in India such as Adhisa means ‘Beginning’ and is commonly used by the Hindu religion.

137. Aadishri

Aadhishri also written as Aadhishree is Indian in descent that symbolizes ‘Exalte’.

138. Aawanya

The first name title Aawanya has some roots in the Hindi word Avani which means ‘Earth’.

139. Hema

A girl’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘Earth’ or ‘Of the goddess Lakshmi’.

140. Ishikaa

Ishikaa or Ishika is a feminine given name of Indian origin that means ‘Daughter of almighty God’.

141. Parthee

Parthee also written as Parthi translates to ‘Queen’ and is of Hindi descent.

142. Rajashri

A baby girl’s name Rajashri means ‘Royalty’ and is of origin in Indian.

143. Rani

Rani has a meaning of ‘Queen’ which is of Hebrew and Sanskrit in descent.

144. Shalini

An Indian ancestry name Shalini is a girl’s given name meaning ‘Modest’.

145. Shiwantika

Shiwantika is of Sanskrit in ancestry. The meaning of Shiwantika is ‘Lord Shiva’s Princess’.

146. Sonam

Sonam is a Tibetan and Hindi ancestry name that means ‘Golden’ or ‘Aspicious’.

147. Tanisha

A girl’s name Tanisha is linked to the Sanskrit language meaning ‘Ambition’.

148. Taanya

Taanya means ‘Fairy Princess’ or ‘Worthy of Praise’ which is of Russian, Indian, and Sanskrit origin.

149. Vaibhvi

The feminine given name of India Vaibhvi refers to ‘Rich person’ or ‘Landlord’.

150. Yaashi

Yaashi translates to ‘Famous’, ‘Successful’, or ‘Renowned’ and originated from Sanskrit.

More Indian Girl Names

Give yourself a treat and explore some more gorgeous Indian female names that are most unusual names for you to appreciate if you can’t get enough of them.

151. Banhi

152. Barkha

153. Bhanu

154. Brinda

155. Chhaya

156. Damini

157. Darshita

158. Deeksha

159. Neha

160. Falak

161. Gitanjali

162. Haarika

163. Harshita

164. Kalyani

165. Kanchana