Adam Boulton Leaving Sky News – Is He Sick? Everything On His Wife Anji Hunter and Family

Is Adam Boulton’s decision to leave Sky News due to sickness? Everything you need to know about him, including his wife and family, is available here.

Adam Boulton is a British journalist and presenter who works for Sky News as an editor at large. He also hosts the shows ‘All-Out Politics’ and ‘Week In Review.’

The news of his departure from Sky News has sparked a flurry of commentary on social media. And netizens appear to have varying levels of interest and opinions on his departure.

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Adam Boulton Leaving Sky News: Is He Sick?

In an interview with the Times, the veteran broadcaster disclosed that he will leave Sky’s “All-Out Politics” show at the end of the year.

Boulton’s leaving from Sky News, on the other hand, is not due to his sickness. There have been reports that Adam is sick in 2021, but this is untrue.

After claiming that Baby Boomers like himself had to make room for fresh faces on TV, Adam Boulton is leaving Sky News. Everyone was surprised and perplexed by his unexpected revelation that he was leaving the company after 33 years.

Likewise, in the year 2020, he sent a tweet about his health on the internet. The journalist has responded, stating that he is in good health and has no underlying medical concerns.

In that case, obesity was mentioned in the tweet’s responses. Though there is no specific information on what the tweet was about, it appears that someone brought up his health problem.

Adam Boulton is leaving sky news after saying that Baby Boomers like himself had to make way for new faces on screen.

Adam Boulton Wife Anji Hunter and Family

Adam Boulton is a married man and his wife is Anji Hunter. On July 22, 2006, the pair married at St James’s Church in Piccadilly.

Hunter was previously married to Nick Cornwall, a landscape gardener, in 1980.

Likewise, Boulton had earlier been married to Kerena Anne.  Following his romance with Tony Blair’s spin consultant Anji Hunter, which became front-page tabloid news in 2002, Boulton divorced her.

Furthermore, Boulton has children from a prior marriage, according to his other family facts.