Adam Gertler & His Wife Andrea Gertler Had A Wedding In 2021

Adam Gertler and his wife Andrea Gertler have been together since October 16, 2018. Adam Gertler was a contestant on Season 4 of Food Network Star.

Adam grew up in Commack, located in New York City. He graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting.

He worked in the restaurant The Smoked Joint as an executive chef in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, until it was closed.

In 2009, he hosted a primetime series called Will Work For Good. He gave the fans the behind-the-scenes experience of many food-related jobs as he learned how to make ice sculptures, cranberry harvesting, and competitive eating.

A year later, on July 12, 2010, the actor was featured in Kid in a Candy Store, where he traveled to many places in the United States of America for behind-the-scenes access, which mainly focused on deserts.

According to IMDb, Adam has worked in several TV series, including Movie Trivia Schmoedown, Home & Family, The Doughboys Double, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Freakiest Vacations, Last Call Food Brawl, and many others.

Adam Gertler Wife Andrea Gertler

Adam Gertler married his wife Andrea Gertler in 2021.

The couple has been together since October 16, 2018. On January 3, 2019, Andrea posted a series of photos with her then-boyfriend celebrating the new years holiday with him.

Adam and Andrea visited Makena, located in Hawaii, in 2019. Andrea posted many photos during their trip having a great time in many places in Hawaii.

On May 6, 2019, she posted a photo of herself and the chef visiting the Commander’s Palace Restaurant dressed up. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress, and Adam was wearing a blue suit and a purple shirt.

The couple got engaged on August 29, 2020, about two years since they started dating. A day later, the chef’s partner posted a photo of her fiance and herself with the ring. He proposed to her in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, California.

Andrea stated that she almost exploded with giddy joy, her darling had arranged the dinner for the two, and her dessert had a bowl of rose petals. As she scooped them aside, she saw the box of pearl rings.

She added that she could not believe she had found someone that cool to spend the rest of her life with.

The couple got married sometime in June 2021. They were engaged for less than a year before they got married.

Andrea posted ten pictures of their wedding in Highland Park in Los Angeles. She was wearing a pretty pinkish dress from Cannonball and Tilly Vintage.

He was wearing a suit with a cowboy hat. Andrea was holding a pink bouquet and posted the photos on June 26, 2021, stating that she was truly happy and so romantic. She thanked everyone who had helped them to make the day happen.

Adam and Andrea Daughter Poppy Sue Gertler

The daughter of the couple Adam and Andrea Gertler was born on October 23, 2021.

The duo named their daughter Poppy Sue Gertler after her birth on the 23rd of October at 1:36 pm. Poppy is currently one year old. She was seven pounds, eight ounces, and nineteen inches when she was born.

Andrea posted a series of photos of her baby daughter on October 24, 2021, stating that they welcomed the love of their lives into the world. They added that they were too enamored with her and wanted to admire their angel baby.

The mother of Poppy was pregnant when the couple got married because she stated that it was so romantic that their baby got to hear their vows on an Instagram post that she posted on June 26, 2021.

Andrea had posted several pictures of herself when she was pregnant such as in front of the flowers at Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens, outside the couple’s new home, and at the Brennan’s Restaurant.

On May 9, 2021, she posted a photo with her husband and the sonogram pictures of her baby on the occasion of mothers day.

She stated that she could not wait to sing the song that her mother used to sing to her.

Andrea shared a few memories with her mother and thanked all the selfless moms who supported her in every step of her life. She wished all the mothers out there a happy mothers day.

Andrea often posts pictures of her daughter on her Instagram and shares the beautiful moments with the audience. She has published her baby on several occasions, such as her first Easter and swim.

On October 11, 2022, Gertler posted a photo of herself and her daughter wearing matching red hats and sweaters in the Park Slope Historic District.

One of the recent posts she has kept is of the baby and mom during Christmas eve. She posted the photo on December 25, 2022, stating that they made ambrosia with mayonnaise and a fruit cocktail on Christmas Eve. She then wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Adam and Andrea Bought A House In Highland Park

Adam and Andrea bought a house in Highland Park located in Los Angeles.

The couple bought the house before their wedding after around five years of their engagement. They had not revealed that she was pregnant when they bought the house.

Andrea posted a photo with Adam on April 1, 2021, and they revealed that they had bought a house with a lot of citrus trees in Highland Park.

Andrea said she wanted to serve freshly squeezed lemonade to everyone from their front porch.

It has been over a year since they bought their new house, and the couple seems to be extremely happy living in Highland Park with their one-year-old daughter, Poppy.