AGT: What Is Dustin Tavella Adoption Story? Wife Kari Tavella and Church

Dustin Tavella’s adoption story earned him a pass from all the judges. Here is what actually happened. 

Dustin Tavella is one of the contestants of America’s Got Talent season 16. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell were mind blown by his performance in Episode 1609 of the show.

All of the judges gave him a pass to proceed to the next round. The finale of AGT is to be aired on 15th September.

What is Dustin Tavella Adoption Story on AGT?

Dustin Tavella’s adoption story helped him get past the audition round. He was able to advance to the Top 36.

The resident of Virginia Beach came with his wife and son, Xander Tavella to perform a magic trick.

But the magic did more than just amaze the AGT audiences. Anyone who watches the performance is left with goosebumps all over.

Dustin adopted his son, Xander when she was just two months old. His biological mom asked him to raise Xander.

The magician asked Heidi to choose a random flashcard from the deck full of animal-faced cards. She chose a card of the puppy. He then asks the next judge, Safia, to mark down a random date on the calendar of February 2020. And she chooses February 21st.

Howie was then asked to choose a random, last name and wrote down Smith on the paper. Then Simon goes on to note down a random time in a day, it was 7:04.

Turns out the judges were explaining the day Xander was adopted. The photo that was sent to the host Terry revealed all the facts that judges picked on a whim.

On February 21st, Judge Smith declared Dustin and his partner as his adopted parents and he was playing on a cardboard box with his puppy toy. It was apparently 7:04 when his picture was taken.

The audience and judges were not able to decipher who anyone would have guessed what random event would be chosen at the time.

Dustin describes the time he took a decision to adopt his son to be one of the greatest magic to happen in his life.

Meet Dustin Tavella Wife Kari Tavella

Kari Tavella has been the wife of Dustin Tavella since 2018. The couple got married two months after their engagement.

Tavella took his vows while wearing shorts.

The pair decided to take custody of Xander from his birth mother after he was moved by his “rocky situation.”

Dustin and his spouse are involved in a crisis pregnancy ministry and homeless ministry to help others.

Dustin Tavella is actively involved in Church

Dustin Tavella is a Christian by religion and goes to church. He expressed that he wants to celebrate the things that God has done for his life.

Tavella’s mom and dad were drug addicts but began to change once they were introduced to Christianity.

His faith in God is immense, and he now wants to pour his time and effort into making other people’s lives better.