Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Biography, Wedding, Age, Husband, Net worth, Height|Weight, Awards

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Biography

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is a Nigerian Kannywood actress. Aliyu was born in Nasarawa Local Government of Kano in the year 1992. She came to the limelight through movies such as Ranar Baiko, Hanyar Kano, Dakin Amarya.

She went to Giginyu Primary and Secondary School and currently, she enrolled at North-West University, a Kano state-owned university. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya begun her acting career due to her interest in films to convey to her society, messages on social change. Nevertheless, she came to the limelight through movies such as Ranar Baiko, Hanyar Kano, Dakin Amarya among others. The actress attributes her success to focus and determination.

Aisha Aliyu Movie: ” Tsamiya”

” Tsamiya” the film that made her be known. Besides that, the film title served as Aisha’s nickname. Nonetheless, she has an older sister, who was planning to feature in the film that made her popular, but she did not make it. Therefore, the producer Habibu Yaro asked Aisha to step in for her sister and play the lead role. Over above that, in 2014, Aisha was awarded City People Entertainment Award for Best Actress of the Year and became one of the top Kannywood actresses.

Moreover, she has also been the leading character in films such as ‘Dankin Amarya’ and ‘Haihuwa’. Besides acting, she also likes helping the community. For instance, she believes in giving. Aliyu often gives out food, clothing, and money to less privileged people in her area in Kano, especially, in the month of Ramadan.

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Wedding – Aisha Tsamiya Wedding

Aisha & Aliyu married at a beautiful Islamic wedding. The couple had an amazing wedding reception, which was evidently nothing short of high class. The wedding attended by friends and relatives who are close to them. Indeed, this is the day they will live to remember.

How old is Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya?: Age

As of 2019, she is probably 27 years old. She was born in the year 1992, in Nasarawa Local Government in Kano State. In any case, Aisha hasn’t uncovered the identities of her siblings, therefore, there is no clear information about the background of her siblings.

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Aliyu Tsamiyu Body Measurement: Height and Weight

There is no information about Aliyu’s height, weight, and other body measurements. However, she has beautiful black hair. About her eye color and shoe size are still under review.

Aisha Aliyu and Her Husband

She is married but her husband’s identity and background information are still undisclosed. However, we will update you once we access the information concerning her husband’s background and identity.

Aliyu Tsamiyu Net Worth

So far so good, there is certifiably not solitary data about the calling of Aisha Aliyu. As per now, we don’t know whether she is associated with any calling or any cash making exercises apart from acting. Thus, her real salary and total assets are presently under audit.

Aisha Tsamiya Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya had this to say, “When I finally made up my mind to start acting, I never thought I could be this famous in a short time. After my role in Dakin Amarya, I became more prominent to producers and fans of Kannywood. I can no longer walk freely in my area and even markets in major cities in the North; people gather to chant my names.”

‘Dankin Amarya’ and ‘Haihuwa’

She said on the sets of SO and Dakin Amarya, the two movies that made her famous, her strategy was just to follow the directives given. “I was like let me just follow my director’s instruction and do my best and my best turned out to be the very best,” she said. “When I watched the film after it was released, I was like am I the one who was displaying like that. It was indeed a marvelous outing for me in Dakin Amarya, and also acting beside Ali Nuhu and Halima Ateteh who are big stars in the industry.

“SO was one of the favorite movies (to act in). Starring alongside one of Kannywood’s best, Adam Zango, it was indeed a classic. I was so consumed by the real nature of the script and at a point, I thought everything was real.”The actress said her desire to excel at acting is inspired by her desire to help the less-privileged.

Community Work.

“I gave out some foodstuffs, clothing, and money to less privileged people in my area in Kano and also took some to internally displaced people living around my home in Kano. I did that so they can have something to eat during the month of Ramadan.”

While she is on break from acting because of the Ramadan fast, Aisha said she would take advantage of that period to continue to visit the less privileged and make her contributions no matter how small.
“Although I am not a wealthy actress, I believe in giving, so whatever I get, my mind tilts to finding someone I can render help to,” she said.

Ms. Tsamiya said in spite of her success as an actress, her ambition is to become a director, like Muhibbat Abdussalam. She said her ambition is also to further her education.

Aisha Tsamiya Awards

  • City People Entertainment Award for Best Actress of the Year (Kannywood)

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Movies

  • Bahaushiya
  • Da Kishiyar Gida
  • Dakin Amarya
  • Husna
  • Jamila
  • Mai Dalilin Aure (Match Maker)
  • Makahon Gida
  • Munubiya
  • Niqab
  • Nisan Kiwo
  • Rayuwa Bayan Mutuwa
  • Zeenat

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