Alexa Demie Parents Raised Her Actress Daughter In California

Alexa Demie parents Scott and Rose were involved in the construction business and were makeup artists respectively. Rose Mendez started her career in 2003.

The actress is one of the most recognized faces in the showbiz industry. She gained notoriety with her appearance in the HBO teen drama television series, Euphoria.

Alexa plays Maddy Perez, and her character has kept everyone hooked up with the show.

However, many fans wonder if she is the same person. It may be surprising to many to find out that she was nothing like Maddy during high school, as she was quite a loner and did not go to parties, writes Buzzfeed.

Many find it hard to believe until she mentions that she grew up in a toxic family environment. Her dad missed raising her, so her mom mostly raised her.

Alexa Demie Is The Youngest Child Of Her Mom And Dad

Alexa Demie’s parents are from California. Her mom’s family is originally from Mexico but moved to Los Angeles when her mother was an infant. Her father, on the other hand, was an American by birth.

Her Mother

Alexa was raised by her mother Rose Mendez since her dad was in rehab to treat his drug addiction when she was eight. Rose’s family had immigrated from Mexico to Los Angeles when she was an infant.

She got pregnant with Alexa at an extremely young age. She is a makeup artist by profession and producer/creator at Wide Awake & Dreaming, as mentioned on her LinkedIn.

Her Father Is Scott Wilson Vanerstrom

Her father, Scott, is the adopted son of a famous musician, Dennis Wilson. He was born from a previous relationship with his mother, Carole Freedman. She became Dennis’s wife later on, and the musician adopted Scott.

While there is not much information about Alexa’s dad, it is said that his drug addiction caused him to become estranged from his daughter. The actress also mentioned in the media that she did not grow up with the best male figures or much respect for men.

Nevertheless, Scott realized he had destroyed himself, living a life similar to his stepfather. In the book Son of A Beach Boy, which tells the story of Dennis Wilson’s life from Scott’s perspective, he admitted that he could never overcome his father’s demise and led a life similar to his.

Although Scott was the adoptive son of Dennis, they shared bonds like a real father and son. They fished, swam, hiked, and rode horses together. He especially enjoyed riding shotgun in his father’s red Ferrari Lusso.

According to Speed Readers, he would even go on tour with his dad, but things started to change after some time. They started doing drugs together, and he would procure ladies for his dad.

In fact, the day before the singer passed, Scott received a call from Dennis asking him to deliver some cocaine to his boat.

He agreed to do it but was high and never showed up for the appointment. Thus, this guilt will never leave him. He thought if he had gone to see his dad that day, he might have prevented his dad from drowning.

Alexa Grew Up In A Harsh Family Environment

The actress was reared in a toxic family environment. There was always shouting and fighting making her flee home.

However, they supported her career by asking her to take acting classes when they discovered her talent.

She does not share family pictures, but her mom sometimes shares their photographs when they hang out. Thus, the actress has a great relationship with her mom and siblings but remains estranged from her dad.

In 2019, she legally changed her name from Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom to Alexa Demie. But many fans still talk about her relationship with the late Dennis Wilson.

Her Grandfather Is Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson adopted a son, Scott, when he married Carole Freedman. The child was her son from a previous relationship. But, the musician gave love to him just like a biological father would give to their child.

Many fans talk about Alexa’s relationship with the musician since she is Scott’s daughter. Although she was not even born when the singer passed, she cannot deny her connection to the singer. But, at the same time, she has not spoken about it in public either.

She did not get to know her granddad, and her relationship with her father, Scott, was also not deep growing up. She met him sometimes during AA meetings.