Amber Lulu Leaked Video And Scandal: Is She Nimeachika?

Amber Lulu leaked video has gone viral on various social media platforms. Here’s what you should know about her scandal.

Amber Lulu, whose real name is Lulu Abubakar, is a Tanzanian musician and Instagram influencer who gained fame through her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, where she has a large following.

Furthermore, Lulu has remained active in the musical scene for quite a while now and has also released some songs that have helped her establish a name for herself in this field.

Some of Lulu’s songs include Kanipa Yote, Unashingapi, Walete, and Sigino, among others. On the other hand, Lulu has also collaborated with other artists in the musical scene.

Moreover, Amber can be followed on Instagram as @iamamberlulu, where she has gained more than 4.4 million followers.

Amber Lulu Leaked Video Goes Viral Online

Amber Lulu leaked video has caught a huge amount of public attention. However, it has been reported that the leaked video is from 2018, in which Lulu was said to be having an intimate relationship.

The viral video was between Lulu and fellow musician Nuh Mziwanda which was leaked on social media that went viral instantly.

In the viral video, Lulu and Nuh can be seen having adult things, which left many people shocked. The tape was shared on various social media groups, which dragged both of them into the controversy.

After the clip went viral, some online portals also began making news related to this matter. 

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Amber Lulu Scandal Explained

Amber Lulu was involved in a scandal in the past, which was about her private video. As said earlier, the video was of Lulu and Nuh Mziwanda.

Following the video’s leakage, Amber later explained that she recorded the video while chilling out after a shoot of their upcoming music video with Mziwanda.

Amber also said she didn’t intend to post the video but only used the app to record the tape for her personal use. However, when she did switch on her data loads later, without her knowledge, the video automatically uploaded itself.

Furthermore, she also revealed that the leak of the clip affected her relationship with Prezzo

Is Amber Lulu Nimeachika (Divorced)?

Everyone on the internet has been asking questions related to Amber Lulu’s divorce. Not to mention, Nimeachika means divorced, and people speculated that Lulu may have married in the past but is now divorced.

For your information, Lulu also has a song named Nimeachika, which she released together with Rolex Eyes. In the past, Lulu was reported to be in a romantic relationship with Prezzo.

It remains unclear for how long Lulu and Prezzo dated each other, but some sources have claimed that the former pair were in a relationship for some time.

The former duo had some problems, as Lulu once claimed Prezzo allegedly abused her. Apart from that, Lulu again made headlines in March 2021 when it was revealed that she was expecting a child.

Lulu later welcomed her first child, a daughter Arianna. Amber is also an active Instagram user, and from her account, she has posted some snaps with her beloved daughter. 

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