American Idol Leah Marlene Dad Derry Grehan And Mom Deanna Grehan Age Gap And Family Details

Leah Marlene Dad Gerry Grehan is also a songwriter and lead guitarist of Honeymoon Suite, a Canadian band, and her father taught her to play the guitar and piano.

Leah Marlene is a songwriter, artist, and producer from Normal, Illinois, twenty years old. She was born in Toronto, Canada, and relocated to Illinois with her family when she was a child.

Like her father, Marlene grew up in a house full of music and guitars. She started singing and writing her songs at an early age and hasn’t stopped since.

She has a distinctive, appealing voice with a songwriting style that incorporates pop, soul, funk, jazz, rock, Americana, and other genres.

American Idol Leah Marlene Dad Derry Grehan And Mom Deanna Grehan

American Idol Leah Marlene Dad Derry Grehan is the guitarist and lyricist for Honeymoon Suite, a Canadian band, as her mom, Deanna Grehan’s details are yet to be disclosed.

Marlene’s father taught her how to play the guitar and piano and passed his passion to her daughter on his love of songwriting.

Since the age of ten, she has been performing live in Illinois, Nashville, and Canada. Since she was thirteen years old, she has been releasing original songs.

Her television career began with Season 20 of American Idol, a singing reality show that aired on ABC on February 27, 2022.

What Is The Age Gap Between Leah Marlene Dad Derry Grehan And Mom Deanna Grehan?

Leah Marlene hasn’t revealed any information about her dad Derry Grehan’s age and mom Deanna Grehan’s age as of now; She has been very successful in keeping her lifestyle away from the media.

Marlene spent most of her high school years in Illinois, traveling to Nashville for songwriting, recording, and performing. She returned to the Midwest to concentrate on her second album after spending two years at Belmont University in Nashville studying songwriting.

“Noise,” the first and only single from her new album, was recently published. On March 4, 2022, the whole album will be released as she collaborates with and creates music for various artists.

Leah Marlene Family Details Explored

Leah Marlene was born in Toronto, Canada, on June 25, 2001. Derry Grehan is her father, and Deanna Grehan is her mother; Her family is highly supportive of her professional endeavors. Shea Grehan is her only sibling.

Marlene is a people person, and her greatest wish is for her music to meet people right where people are and help people feel whatever they need to think at the time.

Her Instagram handle is @leahmarlenemusic. Thanks to her American Idol appearance, the singer has over 10k followers and is overgrowing.