Ana Gasteyer Weight Loss Journey: American Auto Cast Before And After Photo

The Saturday Night Live star Ana Gasteyer weight loss journey is quite fascinating. She stuck with the Weight Watcher program and lost over 15 pounds. 

Ana Gasteyer is a household name in the American entertainment industry. In addition to being a skilled Actress, Gasteyer is also a comedian and singer.

She is widely appreciated for her role in the N.B.C. sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. She is also known for starring in sitcoms including Suburgatory, People of Earth, American Autor and Mean Girls.

With her charism and extraordinary performances, the American celebrity has established herself as one of the most successful personalities in the showbiz industry.

Let’s take a detailed look at the Actress’ weight loss journey in this short piece.

Ana Gasteyer Weight Loss Journey: American Auto Cast Before And After Photo

The Saturday Night Live star Ana Gasteyer dropped 15 pounds on Weight Watchers in 2013. As per the 2013’s report, her goal was to lose five more pounds.

She enrolled in Weight Watcher Online, which also provides a phone application. The American Auto star didn’t attend weigh-in support meetings to assess her on-the-go food choices or slipped under management’s notice.

The Actress found the weight Watcher’s plan helpful. She recognized that it was a program she could actually stick to and had the resources to keep her on track even while she commuted between her home in New York and her workplace in Los Angeles.

While following the online program, she tweeted Weight Watcher’s points system allotments by exercising and food point values related to calories. With the online program, the star got involved in food planning. Eventually, she achieved a jaw-dropping transformation.

Many people even thought the Suburgatory star was a Weight Watchers ambassador as she was always plugged into the application.

But her tweets connected with the Company. Ana Gasteyer was a spokeswoman for the Weight Watcher’s diet plan.

Ana Gasteyer Husband Charlie McKittrick

The Actress was not the only one who loved the Weight Watcher’s program and committed to losing weight. Her husband, Charlie McKittrick, also joined the program with her in July 2012 and shed 65 pounds.

Ana Gasteyer and Charlie McKittrick have been married since 1996. The married duo has two children – Frances Mary McKittrick and Ulysses McKittrick. While Frances mary was born in July 2002, Ulysses was born in March 2008.

About Weight Watcher

Weight Watcher is an international Company offering weight loss and maintenance fitness and mindset service. Gasteyer’s friend introduced her to it.

A subscription-based support program combined with a wide range of buyable goods and services makes up the business model of Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is a community-based brand identity, and the organization’s success depends heavily on its website. The corporation, especially in the twenty-first century, has advertised itself more and more as a wellness and health brand than as a weight-loss brand.

Its dietary programs emphasize fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and foods high in whole grains and low in trans fats. The business has been working harder in the 21st century to effectively and successfully balance its conventional and online products.

As of 2019, the program provided coaching, in-person workshops, and online and mobile apps for weight loss support.

Sean Bryan,  the chief creative officer at Weight Watchers’ advertising agency McCann Erickson New York, said he was not aware of any other business and celebrity connections in this manner.

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