Andrea Jenkyns Parents: Meet Clifford and Valerie Jenkyns

Dame Andrea Marie Jenkyns DBE, the Deputy Chairwoman of the European Research Group (ERG) since 2019, traces the roots of her remarkable journey back to her parents, Clifford and Valerie.

Born in Beverley, Humberside, Andrea’s life has been shaped by the values of hard work, resilience, and compassion instilled in her by her loving parents.

From an early age, Andrea learned the importance of hard work, leaving school at 16 to embark on her professional journey as a Shop Assistant at Greggs. Her parents, Clifford and Valerie, played a pivotal role in instilling the work ethic that would later define her career.

At the age of 18, Andrea’s life took an unexpected turn when her father, recognizing her potential, submitted her photo to a beauty pageant. This led to her making it to the final for Miss UK, showcasing her versatility and early exposure to the public eye.

Tragedy struck in 2011 with the untimely death of Andrea’s beloved father, becoming the driving force behind her entry into the political arena. The loss inspired her to become a Trustee and the Regional Representative (Voluntary) for the charity MRSA Action UK. Since then, she has been a passionate advocate for compassionate patient care, leveraging her position to bring attention to healthcare disparities.

The bond with her parents remained a guiding force in Andrea’s life. Sadly, her beloved mother, Valerie, passed away in December 2022, following a brief illness. Witnessing disparities in healthcare and treatment, Dame Andrea remains unwavering in her commitment to ensuring that every patient has access to high-quality, compassionate healthcare.