Anna Scher Obituary and Net Worth at Death

Late drama tutor Anna Scher passed away on November 12, 2023, at the age of 78.

Since her passing, tributes have poured in from her students, and many actors around the world.

Scher left behind a legacy that empowers aspiring artists and reshapes the landscape of inclusive performing arts education.

She is survived by her son.

Anna Scher Net Worth

Scher had an estimated net worth of $3 million at the time of her death.

About Anna Scher

Anna Scher was an English drama teacher and founder of the Anna Scher Theatre, who carved a significant niche in the area of performing arts education.

Established in 1968 in Islington, Greater London, her theatre has been a stronghold of inclusivity, especially for working-class students.

Scher’s visionary philosophy revolved around cultivating love, peace, and understanding through a blend of learning and professionalism.

The Anna Scher Theatre, among the earliest schools of its kind, reflects her dedication to democratizing access to performing arts education.

Beyond her influential role in education, Scher chaired the International Song Contest for Peace in Ireland and lent her expertise as a jury member for BAFTA, the Sony Awards, and the Royal Television Society.

Her acting prowess graced productions like “The Battle of St. George Without” (1969), “You Must Be Joking!” (1974), and “Anna” (2011).

Since 2009, the Anna Scher Theatre has thrived at St Silas Church in Islington, offering classes twice a week. In 2020, Scher entrusted former student and actor Dickon Tolson with the legacy, ensuring the continuation of her impactful work.