Are Landon and Ashley Farmer Wants A Wife Still Together?

No, Allen and Khelsi Farmer Wants a Wife are no longer together. Allen confirmed the breakup news via Instagram post on May 19.

Landon and Ashely are the participants in the reality television show called Farmer Wants a Wife, which was initially developed by the British television production company Fremantle Media.

The show is mainly about a few farmers who are introduced to women from the city. The farmers are to eliminate a single lady in each episode, and the last one remaining is to be their partner.

The Fox channel dating show returned to the US in 2023 and recently released its season finale. The show has also been renewed for a second season.

This season of the show had four farmers named Hunter, Allen, Ryan and Landon, who were looking for their brides in the finale. Farmer Ryan went back single whereas the three other farmers found the match they were looking for.

Are Landon and Ashley Farmer Wants A Wife Still Together?

No, Allen and Khelsi are not together as they broke up after the show ended. The horse trainer confirmed their separation on Instagram.

Despite the fact that the two connected quickly and shared great chemistry on-screen, their romantic relationship was cut short.

On May 19, a few days after the show’s last episode aired, Allen Foster took to his Instagram to share the breakup news and his experience in the show.

“Farmer Wants a Wife didn’t end how I’d hope as far as relationship, however, I gained friendships and had opportunities that will last a lifetime,” he wrote in the Instagram post.

He further said he was blessed to have been part of the show and thanked fans for their kindness and support.

Meanwhile, fans were confused about their relationship status as Stone shared several pictures on IG showcasing the highlights of her happy relationship with the farmer.

And when questioned by a few fans, she confirmed they were not together.

“No ma’am we are not (together),” she replied to a fan who asked about her relationship status. “I was trying to be respectful of the time we did share and tell our story a little later,” she added.

She shared some other Farmer Wants a Wife casts were making a move on Foster as she wrote, “He’s been with Kiersten and Sydnet down in Florida celebrating.”

Kiersten was one of Foster’s other matches and Sydney was Farmer Hunter’s match.

Fans previously got a hint about their split when the show’s cast members gathered for a season finale Watch Party.

And while Hunter and Landon showed up with their girls -Meghan and Ashley- Foster was not seen with Stone.

Fans Were Happy With Allen’s Choice

Fans couldn’t be happier when Allen chose Khelsi as his last standing lady. The farmer was likely to approach her, considering their strong connection throughout the show.

The farmer had a good match with Rebecca, but it never felt like they had the best connection. From the start, viewers were cheering for him to unite with Khelsi, and he didn’t let them down.

Yet, some fans expected that the Tennessean would pick Cassidy Jo. She was among the first two ladies who got to kiss him earlier.

She had gone on a solo date with him in the show, taking a canoe trip that turned awkward, resulting in a small quarrel.

When their canoe trip was over, Cassidy knew it was time for a moment of truth. She pulled him aside and told him she’d had enough.

She decided to leave the ranch, Foster, and the show, after spending several weeks looking for love. “I really respect her a lot for the decision she made,” said Allen Foster.

And, of course, Stone was upset when she found out Foster and Cassidy shared a kiss, leading to a heartfelt conversation between the two.

When Stone shared her concern with the farmer, he said, “I want you to keep in mind maybe things are not what they always seem.” He assured her that she was special to him.

However, some connections are not meant to last forever. Despite having great chemistry on-screen Foster and Stone couldn’t take their relationship to the next step.

“He definitely doesn’t have what would make me happy for the long run. I also need someone to stick by all the good and bad. He wasn’t ready,“ Stone opened up.

Will There Be A Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion?

Farmer Wants A Wife reunion show has not been confirmed. But the show is going to be running for a second season.

There has been no confirmation by the producers of the show if the team will bring out the reunion for season 1 couples. However, they could take the suggestion from the fans.

Though there is no reunion saga, the show has been renewed for a second season. Even before the finale, the renewal of the show was approved, according to Deadline.

The show had an average view of 2 to 2.5 million in an overnight rating. This viewership was considered good based on how the show came back after a long hiatus.

The new season came back 15 years after the first show premiered in 2008.

Beside Landon and Ashley, Farmer Hunter and Farmer Allen also made a connection on the show.

Grayson ended up with Meghan Baker. The pair have already been in a relationship for some time. Farmer Allen chose Khelsi on the season finale.

And finally, Ryan couldn’t be decisive enough. Later, he asked Haley, who he had already eliminated, for a second chance, but she turned him down. And Ryan was the only farmer with no wife.