Artistic Swimmer Anita Alvarez Saved By Coach Andrea Fuentes After Lost Consciousness In Pool

Artistic Swimmer Anita Alvarez coach Andrea Fuentes saved the swimmer when she slowly sank down to the bottom of the pool. The fainting video of the swimmer underwater is widespread in the media.

At the Budapest 2022 FINA World Aquatics Championships, USA swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted during the solo free final.

Her coach Andrea Fuentes had to pull her to safety as she was drawn to the bottom of the pool.

Artistic Swimmer Anita Alvarez Coach Andrea Fuentes Saved The Swimmer From Drowning.

Artistic Swimmer Anita Alvarez coach Andrea had to haul the 25-year-old out of the water in Budapest yesterday.

It wasn’t the first time Anita had passed out during a race. At a June 2021 qualification match for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Barcelona, her coach Andrea Fuentes had to save Alvarez similarly.

According to Fuentes, Alvarez stopped breathing for “at least two minutes” during the incident after her most recent breakdown in Hungary.

Alvarez finished her routine and fell unconscious to the bottom of the pool. She received immediate medical assistance after the incident.

The 25-year-coach old’s Fuentes dived into the water and was able to pull her to the surface before bringing her to the pool’s edge.

Who Is Anita Alvares Husband, Whose Drowning Video Went Viral?

Anita Alvarez husband details are unavailable as she is not married. She is a Mexican-American swimmer born in Buffalo, New York.

25-year-old Alvarez from upstate New York passed out after her solo performance at the event.

She potentially endangering her life as her immobile body was dragged beneath the water.

Former Olympic medalist Fuentes from Spain told the Spanish newspaper Marca, “I jumped into the water again because I observed that no one, no lifeguard, was leaping in.” She wasn’t breathing, so “I felt a little scared.”

According to the US coach, a decision on whether Alvarez will swim in the free team finals tomorrow would be made on medical advice.

However, the 39-year-old mother of one claimed today that Alvarez was adamant about continuing with the World Championships.

She doesn’t want to leave here with the picture of her asleep at the bottom of the pool, Fuentes said to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Anita does several pirouettes and a few apneas; therefore, she will almost surely compete in the team competitions.