Ashleigh Buhai Net Worth In 2022, How Much Is The LPGA Golfer Worth?

Ashleigh Buhai’s net worth could be around $2 million as of 2022, she has made over $2,408,926 in her career earnings so far.

Ashleigh Buhai is a professional golf player from South Africa. Buhai had a prosperous amateur career. She was the youngest player in 101 years to win the Ladies South African Amateur Stroke Play and Match Play double and the first to win the Ladies South African Open three times.

While still an amateur, she represented her country three times in the most professional Women’s World Cup of Golf. Buhai began her professional career the day after her 18th birthday.

Buhai won the Catalonia Ladies Masters in 2007, her third professional event. She became the Ladies European Tour’s youngest ever professional winner.

Let us learn more about Ashleigh Buhai and take a closer look at her net worth and husband.

LPGA: Ashleigh Buhai Net Worth In 2022

Golfer Ashleigh Buhai might be worth $2 million in 2022, judging by her career winnings.

According to LPGA, she has a total of $2,408,926 in her career winnings so far. Below are her yearly earnings for the past 5 years from the official website of LPGA.

Year Career Earnings
2021 $229,695
2020 $429,628
2019 $407,546
2018 $254,692
2017 $461,094

While holding a fortune of over $2 million dollar sounds exciting and having career earnings of $2.4 million seems to be bonkers, it is just a fraction compared of the highest career earnings in LPGA.

According to the official website of LPGA, the number one position with the highest career earnings is held by Annika Sorenstam with a whopping $22,583,693. She is up by over $20 million as compared to Buhai.

However, Buhai also ranks at 161 positions which are not too shabby for the golfer. She is seen enjoying her life with her earnings and might make extra money from her sponsors and brand endorsements. She has not detailed her other source of income yet.

Moreover, she is currently competing in the Women’s British Open and has a chance to bag $7,300,000. If she manages to win the championship, her net worth might increase by several folds.

Who Is Ashleigh Buhai Husband?

Ashleigh Buhai is married to her husband David Buhai.

The couple has been married since December 2016 and their love and romance have only increased in their years together.

Her husband David is also seen accompanying Ashleigh into the Golf Course but much about his profession has remained a secret until now.

Despite the couple being married for over five years now, they do not have any children of their own yet. They seem to have kept a four-legged furry companion to keep them company at home.

Ashleigh who was originally born Simon used to compete with her name Ashleigh Simon until 2016, she changed her name to Ashleigh Buhai legally and started using it in her career after her marriage with David according to her Wikipedia profile.

Meet Ashleigh Buhai Parents

Ashleigh Buhai was born to her parents in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She credits her father as the individual influence during her childhood to take up golf, she started playing golf at the age of just 6 years old.

While the confirmed name of her father or mother has not come to the surface, several websites have reported Ashleigh’s father’s name as Gianni Bugno Simon.

Much information about her father’s career or profession is not known, he might have been involved around the golf course or was a golf player himself.

Buhai’s one favorite way of passing her time while not practicing at the course is spending time with her family and loved ones, she really seems to care about her family.