ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo Is Said To Be Featured In The Upcoming Drama “Island”

The newest teaser poster for TVING’s next K-drama Island has been published, and it is nothing short of breathtaking. The fascinating narrative and star-studded ensemble of the unusual fantasy-action series are poised to wow the audience. ASTRO’s legendary K-pop superstar Cha Eun-woo, blockbuster Pandora’s Kim Nam-gil, and Search:actress WWW’s Lee Da-hee have all been confirmed to star in the program.

Island is a fantasy action drama based on the same-named webtoon. The program is set in the lovely but mysterious province of Jeju, and it will follow the voyages and adventures of the main protagonists as they fight an evil entity bent on destroying the whole planet. Island wants to delve into the myriad folktales, legends, and stories that are a vital part of Korean culture and history, according to the creators and the streaming site. The show’s goal is further strengthened by its location on one of South Korea’s most popular islands.

Amazon has acquired worldwide streaming rights to “Island”.

Island’s worldwide streaming rights were bought by Amazon on October 6. This implies that the program will be available to national viewers on TVING, while overseas fans will be able to watch it on Prime Video. The plot centers on three people whose lives become intertwined as they fight a greater evil power. Kim Nam-gil will portray Pan, an immortal monster that has defended the earth from evil powers for uncountable centuries. Lee Da-hee will play Won Mi-ho, the heir of a rich family conglomerate who is sent to Jeju Island after causing problems at home.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo will play Priest John on the big screen. Priest John is a Roman Catholic priest who performs exorcisms. John is heralded as the world’s youngest exorcist, and he is sent to Jeju to fend off the evil that is afflicting the area. Sung Joon, who starred in Hyde, Jekyll, and Me, is also expected to appear in the drama. Sung Joon will play Gung-tan, an ally of Pan who was nurtured with the similar objective of combating evil forces that threaten the planet.

However, a schism is formed in the link between Gung-tan and Pan, causing Gung-tan to compete with him. To get an advantage over his opponents, Gung-tan shifts sides and finds himself facing Pan. Go Doo-shim and Park Geun-hyung, both veteran performers, have been hired in supporting parts in the next series. Park Geun-hyun made an impact in The Good Detective, while Go Doo-shim was most recently seen in the Netflix original series Our Blues.

The show will be directed by famed filmmaker Bae Jong, who most recently directed the hit film Fabricated City. The program is scheduled to debut in December 2022.