Auckland Health Boss Pauline Hanna Dies And Husband Philip Polkinghorne Charged For Murder

Pauline Hanna was found dead on April 5, 2021, in the Upland Rd home in Remuera.

Hanna was an executive project director at Counties Manukau District Health Board. She has been involved in various roles in public health for over two decades. Pauline has been involved directly in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

After her body was found, police scoured the house for eleven days, but no information has been provided to the public since, and they declared her case unexplained. During the ongoing investigation, traces of methamphetamine were found on the property.

Hanna’s husband, Philip Polkinghorne, was being treated as a suspect in her mysterious death.

Philip Polkinghorne was an eye surgeon at Aukland Eye and was involved in an extramarital affair with a woman named Madison Ashton.

After 16 months after Hanna’s death, a man was arrested for the murder, and it is speculated that it is Philip, Pauline’s husband.

Is Pauline Hanna’s Husband Philip Polkinghorne Arrested?

Polkinghorne appeared before Judge Andrea Manuel on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, in Auckland District court as a suspect in his wife’s death. He pleaded not guilty, was granted bail, and will again appear in court on August 31 for his next hearing.

Polkinghorne stated that he is shocked that police have charged him with murder.

He added by saying that the justice process must come to an end, and he believes the truth will be shown.

Earlier on Tuesday, Det Insp Aaron Pascoe said that a 60-year-old man had been arrested and charged with murder. But didn’t comment any further related to the case.

Polkinghorne resigned and moved away from his family home after Hanna’s death. He was involved in a romantic relationship with Madison Ashton. They had met each other in 2011 in Sydney. Their relationship was professional as Hanna was also involved, but it turned into something personal in 2017.

Ashton had stated that she wasn’t aware that Pauline and Philip were still together at the time of death. She cooperated with the investigation regarding Hanna’s death.

Pauline Hanna’s Cause Of Death And Obituary

The reason for her death is still unidentified since she was found dead in her house. The authorities have also named the case unexplained due to its mysterious nature.

There has been no new information to support the case and to find the culprit and reason for her death.

Before her death, Hanna had hired a private investigator, and the detectives had interviewed her husband’s associates.

Hope the real cause of death will be revealed soon.

Pauline Hanna Was A Auckland Health Boss

Hanna was responsible for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and was leading the Auckland region’s logistic supply chain work related to Covid-19.

The CFO and joint interim CEO at Health Source, Richard Aldous, stated that Hanna was a valued member of Health Source. Many were praised for her work in the field. She was also referred to as the Auckland Health Boss.

Many of her loved ones have prayed that the culprit behind her death be caught soon so that Hanna and her family would get justice.