Basketball Player Montrezl Harrell Arrested With About 3 Pounds Of Weed, How Rich Is He Exactly?

Montrezl Harrell’s net worth is estimated to be more than $7 million, which he summoned from his successful career as an NBA star. He is currently in trouble after being found in possession of marijuana in Kentucky.

Let’s find out more about the NBA star and his legal trouble.

Harrell plays professional NBA for Charlotte Hornets. From a young age, he had a penchant for basketball, and as he grew up, that further increased, so he decided to pursue it as his career, and he is doing so now.

He played collegiate basketball for the University of Lousiville. He was also a recipient of the Karl Malone Award for the category of top power forward in the nation as a junior in 2015. He maintained an impressive stat even at a young age.

What is Montrezl Harrell Net Worth?

Harrell’s estimated net worth is more than $7 million. His success in NBA has resulted in millions for him. His wealth comes from multiple places, like his brand endorsement, salary, and many other sources.

He was initially drafted by the Houston Rockets in NBA. After that, Houston traded him to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2017. In 2020, he was also recognized with the NBA Sixth Man of the Year 2020.

Undoubtedly, he is among the best NBA stars and has managed to maintain that stature for a long time. Besides basketball, Harrell loves sneakers; he loves to wear and collect them.

More than that, he loves to design them using his unique styles. He draws various styles and gives others to make a reality with his shoes. He also changes his shoes in every game after break time.

Who Is The NBA Player Arrested With About 3 Pounds Of Weed?

Harrell is the NBA star who has been arrested for having about 3 pounds of weed in Kentucky. Although many states in the United States have regulated and legalized weed, Kentucky is not among them.

It is still not clear what exactly he was doing in Kentucky. As per a report published by New York Post, the police stopped him because he was driving way too close to the car in front of him.

After stopping the car, police found a smell of weed and then asked the NBA star. He admitted to having weed in his pocket, a very small in size. However, the police searched the car and found that he owned around 3 pounds of weed.

The case has been running against him, and if he is found guilty, he might be sentenced to 1 to 5 years in prison or be fined. There is massive concern among fans for him and his future.

How Rich Is Montrezl Exactly?

Montrezl is extremely wealthy and lives a comfortable life with his amenities. Like most NBA stars, he garnered his wealth from his career in NBA; it is quite common for NBA stars to be millionaires.

He initially attended North Edgecombe High School, and after that, he went to Hargrave Military Academy for about a year before joining university. At first, he committed to Virginia Tech but later decided to go to the University of Louisville.

He was available on Instagram previously; however, now, he is not, and his Instagram page is unavailable, so he may be living life out of people’s attention.

People’s attention is on Montrezl and what will happen to him and his drug case.