Big Boogie Age Real Name: Is He In Jail?

The shooting in Mississipi led to the arrest of Big Boogie and 20 others, who were with him during the performance. Is he in jail? Read the article to know more.

Big Boogie is a rapper from Lousiana who is known for his energetic performances. He has a loyal and large fan base.

The rapper is mainly known for his songs, including “Mental Healing,” “Off The Porch,” and ” Message To The Artist.

Let’s dig into why he was arrested and his details.

Mississipi Shooting And Big Boogie: Is He in Jail?

Further, into the Mississipi shooting case, it is claimed that all the people arrested are somewhat his entourage.

Big Boogie has been released from custody. We are not sure if he is out on bail or got freed from charges.

Officers responsible for the findings of the case have revealed that they got a firearm, sums of cash, and ‘felony amounts of narcotics’ inside the suspects’ vehicle.

Fox13 stated that no one will face gun-related charges as all the guns were legally owned and Mississipi being an open carry state.

At this point, the case got turned over to the Mississipi Bureau of Narcotics, and reports claim that there is a possibility that three people could get charged for a drug crime.

What Is His Net Worth Details?

Boogie has not shared a figure of his net worth and fortune.

But we are certain at he has a massive earning and income as he is one of the rising artists in the hip hop industry.

Big Boogie Real Name And Age

Rapper Big Boogie’s real name is John Lotts.

As talking about his age, Big Boogie’s age is 24 years old as of 2021.

He was born on the 4th of November in 1996, in Lousiana, and is currently based in Memphis.

Why Was Big Boogie Arrested?

Rapper Big Boogie got arrested for being the suspect in the shooting that occurred Thursday in North Mississipi. He was on his way to a performance in Biloxi, along with 23 others.

The official information regarding the case has already been out from the authorities.

It was not the first time Big Boogie got linked to a shooting case. Two people had fatally shot in one of his concerts nine months ago.