Brandon Marsh No Beard Looks: Why Does He Have Greasy Hair?

Since entering the major leagues, he has had long hair and a thick beard. Do you think he had shaved his Beard? 

Marsh is a well-known professional baseball outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, and he has been playing baseball since a very early age.

He started his professional career in 2016, and Los Angeles Angels drafted him. Marsh played for Los Angeles from 2016-2021. 

Recently on August 2022, he was treated by Los Angeles to Philadelphia Phillies.

Brandon Marsh No Beard Looks: Has He Shaved All His Beard? 

Brandon Marsh, a famous baseball player, hasn’t changed his beard look; since entering the leagues, he has had a long thick beard. 

He has been growing his Beard for a long time, and while starting his professional career, he had a simple and short beard. 

Looking at his pictures before, he seems very diffrent with no beard. He would look like a teenager if he shaved all his Beard.

Marsh used to trim his Beard repeatedly, but currently, he does not seem to trim his Beard; it looks very thick and long. 

He has not changed his beard look for a very long time. Also, he does not seem to change his face anytime soon. 

Marsh has been a fan of growing his Beard present; he started developing his Beard when he entered the major leagues.

His fans and followers have loved his long beard look for good, so maybe he will not change his face.

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Why Does Brandon Marsh Have Greasy Hair?

While he played in a field, many people thought his hair looked wet because of sweat or some type of greasy hair product.

But he has always been making his hair wet before coming into a field; he says it’s his style for some reason. 

He mentioned that his hair gets super bristly if he doesn’t wet it before hitting the field, so he soaked almost like he just took a bath. 

People thought it was weird to come with wet hair before the game, but it made his coat look good, and making his hair didn’t make it bristly at the end of the match.

Marsh also talked about how his crazy coiffure hair is maintained by the simple elixir of a lot of water.

Marsh has been spurning products and conditioners just to have the natural look of his wet hair. He has been maintaining his long hair for a long time now with different products.

He has always been fond of making his hair a different style; he wanted people to know about his signature hairstyle. 

Additionally, he has not changed his hair; he has just been maintaining his hair to look natural. 

He has thick brown hair, which shines while he is in the field because of being wet. So, he finds it comfortable to wet his hair before going to the area.

Also, he will probably not change his hairstyle anytime soon; he has kept his hair for a long time. 

Besides his long hair, he has kept his hair short in the past, which completely looks different. Marsh looks at another person with short hair and with long hair.

But people have been seeing him with long hair and have loved his hairstyle in the present day.

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