Bruce And Samir Are Selling Their House On Million Dollar Listing

Bruce Marais and Samir Kabbaj listed their home on the popular reality show Million Dollar Listing. The couple purchased the property in 2020.

Finally, they decided to put it on the market with the help of real estate agent Tracy Tutor.

Although the couple is now ready to part with their beloved home, it is clear that they have created many cherished memories there.

The eco-friendly property attracts the attention of potential buyers looking for a home with character and style.

It’s always exciting to see what properties are up for sale on Million Dollar Listing. We can’t wait to see who will be the lucky new owners of this beautiful home.

Meet Bruce And Samir From Million Dollar Listing

Bruce and Samir are selling their house through Tracy Tutor on Million Dollar Listing. The couple met in New York City.

They married on June 27, 2014, and celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary in 2020. Now, they are ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives by finding new owners for their property.

Bruce Marais Is An Avid Traveller

Bruce Marais is a multi-talented man who was born in Durbanville, South Africa. He is fluent in several languages, including Afrikaans, English, Dutch, German, and French.

According to his Instagram bio, he is an avid traveler, interior designer, and experimental chef. Not only this, he is also a photographer and talented artist.

From his childhood, he shared a love for drawing. But when he reached 6, he started mixing the food component and showing his passion for cooking. Following that, he explored a new interest in design and illustration.

He was an adventure seeker from a young age. He shared an unforgettable journey with his friend while they hiked together to join a party from Durbanville to Johannesburg. After trekking for 1400 km, they never reached their destination.

Afterward, he shared his interest in traveling to all the countries. Until now, he visited 77 countries.

After completing his higher studies, he competed to explain children’s book.

Despite not being a skier, he served in the Ski resort for several months. Although he was not good at balancing, he tried to ski twice.

He is a chef who even received a chance to work in Itlay, a renowned Urbani Truffle Academy.

Before his experience as a cook, he was unknown of the term pastry chef, but later he was recruited as Head Pastry Chef at Mandeville Hotel.

After his experience in the field, he even participated in the reality cooking show Chopped.

Samir Kabbaj Is An Interior Designer

Samir Kabbaj operates as an interior designer alongside his partner. Together, they create unique and refreshing designs.

When his partner initially pursued a career in cooking, they met in New York City and have been working together ever since.

He has played a significant role in supporting and encouraging his partner’s creative ideas and potential.

As an interior designer, he understands the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving success.

His support has been instrumental in his partner’s growth and success.

As a Muslim, he celebrates Eid with his mother and recently wished her a happy 75th birthday on January 18.

The designer is also a traveler and enjoys exploring new places with his companion.

He celebrated his birthday in the beautiful Knysna Elephant Park on March 5, 2021.

The Couple On Million Dollar Listing

The couple’s eco-friendly home was recently featured on the reality show Million Dollar Listing, where they showed off their beautiful botanical-themed house.

Tracy Tutor, the show’s realtor, is helping them find a buyer and has already listed it for $7,495,000.

During the episode Commission Omission, Tutor met with the sellers and designer, and they talked about their paradise and how they transformed it from the old days.

Fans were amazed by their beautiful home filled with lush greenery and trees, making it an eco-friendly oasis.

The couple purchased the home in 2020 for $5,500,000 and then redecorated it before deciding to sell it.

The realtor and her team are working to find the perfect buyer for the house, as the couple is ready to move on to other climate-conscious projects.

To showcase the home, they threw a beautiful botanical-themed dinner party, where Bruce cooked for all the guests.

The realtor invited people who understand the couple’s artistic vision and appreciate their stunning interior design.

In addition to the couple’s own home, Tutor also featured another Moroccan-inspired space designed by South African designer Marais in January 2023 at 1743 N Curson Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

This new listing was expected to generate a lot of interest, given the couple’s reputation for creating beautiful and unique interior designs.

Bruce And Samir Have A Combined Net Worth In Millions

Bruce and Samir have a combined net worth of $2 million. Bruce and Samir make the earnings as well known interior designers.

According to Forbes, interior designers demand a price between $50 to $500 per hour while judging their experience.

The designers are in the field for the long term as they may acquire more than the average income.

On average, the designer chargs around $5,200 while excluding the furniture expenses.

In addition to their design work, Bruce and Samir also earn income from designing furniture for a family-owned home decor company, Room 13 Collection.

The chef comparatively earns a husky income than his life partner as he is involved in different other services.

He served as the Head Pastry Chef, and made $64,710 on average annually.

Recently, Bruce and Samir listed their eco-friendly home for sale at $7,495,000, a significant increase from the $5,500,000 they paid for it in 2020.

They are also ready to sell their home and move on to climate-conscious projects.

Moreover, Bruce has previously made extra income through his appearance on the US Food Network TV show Chopped.