Chris Pappas Parents: Where Are They From? Family Ethnicity

Chris Pappas Parents: the dedicated U.S. representative from New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district draws inspiration from his upbringing and the values instilled by his parents, Dawn and Arthur Pappas.

Since 2019, Chris Pappas, an American politician born on June 4, 1980, has served as the representative for New Hampshire’s first congressional district.

As the first openly homosexual man to serve the state in Congress, he is a member of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

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Pappas has a long history in politics and has held several positions, including those in the New Hampshire Executive Council and House of Representatives.

Harvard College graduate Pappas is renowned for his dedication to public service.

His top goals in Congress include combating the addiction problem, ensuring that prescription drugs are affordable, and protecting the environment.

He promotes veterans’ rights as the Ranking Member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs.

Chris Pappas is a committed public servant with strong links to his neighborhood and shares ownership of Manchester’s famed Puritan Backroom restaurant.

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Chris Pappas Parents

The 1st congressional district representative from New Hampshire, Chris Pappas, has a long history of familial ties to the state.

His paternal great-grandfather, also called Arthur Pappas, arrived in New Hampshire from Greece at the beginning of the 20th century. He is the son of Dawn and Arthur Pappas.

The business drive of the Pappas family endures down the generations. Chris Pappas’ great-grandfather opened an ice cream store in Manchester in 1917 with the help of his cousin Louis Canota.

They enlarged it in 1919 and turned it into the current Puritan Backroom restaurant.

They constructed a function room in 1949. Notably, the now-famous chicken tender was created in 1974 by Charlie Pappas, Chris Pappas’s grandpa and the Puritan’s co-owner.

Chris Pappas is one of the proprietors of The Puritan Backroom as of 2020, carrying on his family’s tradition while simultaneously representing his congressional district.

The Puritan Backroom is still a cherished, family-owned business.

Chris Pappas Family: Where Are They From?

The Pappas family originated in Greece and settled in New Hampshire after coming to America.

In the early 20th century, Arthur Pappas, his paternal great-grandfather, immigrated from Greece and began a new life in New Hampshire. The history of the Granite State is entwined with their family’s past.

When Arthur Pappas and his cousin Louis Canota opened an ice cream store in Manchester in 1917, the Pappas family’s entrepreneurial drive grew.

By 1919, they had transformed it into the famous Puritan Backroom, a full-fledged restaurant.

They constructed a function room in 1949, and Chris Pappas’s grandfather, Charlie Pappas, a co-owner at the time, made the famous chicken tender debut in 1974.

This extensive family history highlights their close ties to New Hampshire and the Puritan Backroom’s contributions to the culinary scene there.

Chris Pappas gladly continues this history while giving his all while serving as a committed congressman.

Chris Pappas Family Ethnicity

Greek people make up the majority of Chris Pappas’ family. The beginning of their Greek ancestry may be traced to his paternal great-grandfather.

Who immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century.

This link to Greece is a crucial component of Chris Pappas’ familial identity.

The Pappas family’s business pursuits are closely related to their Greek heritage.

The Puritan Backroom, a landmark eatery owned by the family and a mainstay in New Hampshire for many years, honors their Greek background and immigrant experience.

Their devotion to their Greek ancestry and contributions to cuisine have helped shape their neighborhood’s cultural landscape.

As he continues to represent his people and add to the dynamic fabric of American politics, Chris Pappas proudly embodies this rich ethnic background.

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