Cris Pannullo Girlfriend Heather Encouraged Him To Apply For Jeopardy!

Cris Pannullo is dating his girlfriend Heather since 2012. Cris Pannullo has been a consecutive winner in 21 games on the show.

Chris is from Ocean City and is currently active as a customer success operations manager. He lost the game on the recent episode on December 6.

His loss was a shock to his fans and the viewers of the show. Before being a Jeopardy Champ, he was a former poker ace.

Cris Pannullo And His Girlfriend Heather Dating Since 2012

Cris Pannullo is in a relationship with his girlfriend Heather and has been together for then years.

Cris mentioned Heather while playing the Jeopardy show. He shared that he has a rabbit named Lentils with Heather.

He also shared with the host of the show, Ken, that they cannot feed the bean the rabbit was named after.

The couple adopted the rabbit about ten years ago when his girlfriend Heather saw a rabbit hopping in their front yard. Since then, the rabbit has been in the company of both Cris and Heather.

Similarly, he has not shared much about herself in public, but their relationship is going alright.

In an interview, Cris shared that it was his girlfriend. Heather’s idea for him to participate in the Jeopardy show. He describes Heather as a wonderful coach, partner, and human being.

Similarly, Heather was the one who trained him for the competitive show Jeopardy.

Cris Pannullo Education

Cris Pannullo has not talked about his college education and qualification yet.

Cris is working as an operational success manager. So, his qualification must be related to business.

According to LinkedIn, the qualification required to be an operational success manager is a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in operations management, business administration, or a related field.

He doesn’t seem active on Linkedin or other social media platforms. He has come into the limelight when he participated in the most talked about the competitive show, Jeopardy.

He gained the viewer’s attention when he won for 11 days consecutively. The host, Ken, asked him about his secret to winning the show without giving much away.

Cris shared he looks after flashcards for practice, and on the flashcards, there is information regarding questions that may be asked in the show, like the state capital, market capital, and many more.

He also shared that there is information about the books on the flashcards.

Cris was going strong on the Jeopardy show with his 21 consecutive wins on the game, but he lost his straight win on Tuesday, aired on December 6.

He was up against professor Andy Tirrell from San Diego and an athletic trainer Meghan Mello from Rhode Island.

He lost the game on Tuesday, leading to his wrong guessing the clue on a Daily Double clue.

The newcomer Andy won the Daily Double. On Jeopardy’s final category called Plays, the question was A 1609 story in which an exiled king of Bulgaria creates a sea palace with his magic may have inspired the plot of this play.

He showed good sportsmanship and went to give a fist bump for his victory. Andy was shocked to have won over Cris as he was left unbeaten by almost 43 contestants on the show.

But besides losing the game and being out of the show, he has been on the Leaderboard of Legends with his 21-wining strike on the show.

He earned about $748,286 from his winning the 21 games. Similarly, Cris has the most winning strike got by a player in the 39th season of the show.

He is in the history of the show with one of the longest-winning strikes on the show.