Daddy Andre Biography And Net Worth

Daddy Andre, originally known as Andrew Ojambo, is a Ugandan Songwriter, recording artiste, and producer who is famous for singing in more than three languages. Daddy Andre was born on 12 August 1980 at the eastern part of Uganda, Nsambya.

Daddy Andre discovered his passion for music at the age of 16 and has held on to the vision of becoming a Ugandan Super star in the music industry. Daddy Andre started his career in music in 2010 where he was a music producer, producing a lot of music for his clients.

Daddy Andre also writes lyrics for artists like Sheeba, Bebe cool, Desire Luzinda, Ceasorous, Mun G and many others. He later discovered he could take on singing as a career since he is very good at writing lyrics. Daddy Andre started by mimicking international Artists, especially dancehall artists.

Daddy Andre songs

Daddy Andre who was once a producer before switching to writing and singing his own songs has since the start of his career released a lot of music which are all top hits. Below is a list of some of the music released by Daddy Andrew so far.

    • Tonelabila
    • Sikikukweeka
    • Folo Folo
    • Now
    • More and More
    • Baby Papa
    • Trumpet
    • Frreaky Freaky
  • Hurt You
  • Pretty Pretty