Daynise Gatlin Age (Justin Gatlin Wife) Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family

Daynise Gatlin Wiki (Justin Gatlin Wife): Daynise is a housewife. She is the life partner of Justin Gatlin. They also share a kid “Jace Gatlin”. As Jace’s parents, he is also a secret to the world. His details are never disclosed. He is still stranger to Justin’s fans.

Moreover, Justin is quite protective of his family. His family details are still a mysterious treasure behind the earth’s crust.

But Justin along with his wife seems comfortable to provide their pictures. Daynise is also an American. According to the sources, Daynise is also a fitness freak like her husband. She also supports her husband. Moreover, Daynise support and Justin’s hard work changed their life for good.

About her Husband, Justin is a sprinter who broke Usain Bolt’s record in 100m race. He completed it in 9.45 secs (Usain 9.58 secs) at World Championship in Athletics in 2017. Gatlin worked for 12 years to defeat Usain’s score.

He also ran against Usain and Yohan Blake in the 2012 Olympics. He attained 3rd position in the race with all three of them scoring time below 9.8 secs.

Justin was kept out for the race field for two years. He was suspended for the drugs case. But it was a misunderstanding only. The drug was detected due to his medication for Deficit Disorder.

Daynise Gatlin age

Daynise’s age is not available for now. But her husband’s age is 37 years old. He was born on 10th February of 1982. Daynise is a beautiful Filipino woman.

Additionally, she is a simple mother. Her hair color is black and eyes very beautiful in Black color. She has a cool hairstyle as in the picture below with her husband.

Daynise Gatlin Net Worth

Daynise Gatlin’s net worth is not obtainable for now. Also, her husband’s net worth is $3 million. Being sportsperson money doesn’t matter more than respect.

And after his new record in 100m race. He earned a lot of respect from every sports lover.

Daynise Gatlin Family (Jace Gatlin son)

Daynise’s family is small and adorable. The family lives in their house at Orlando, Fla, America. The family includes Daynise, her husband and son. Daynise manages the family. Also, Justin has a difficult schedule. So, he is mostly unable to separate time for the family.

Daynise being the housewife supports her husband and manages the family. Daynise and Justin share a son “Jace Gatlin”. Jace’s age is inaccessible. But he is a small kid of 3-7 years of age.

Daynise Gatlin Bio

There is a saying that behind every successful man is a woman. So here we have a couple who stands with this quote. Daynise Gatlin and Justin Gatlin are a successful couple who got themselves a happy life. The couple’s controversies never existed. They always helped each other in every good day and bad days.

The couple is an inspiration to many relationships. And people consider them as a role model in their life. Justin Gatlin is a widely popular personality. But his better half is yet an unexplored personality. So here, we have more information about her.

Daynise being a secretive person doesn’t have much information in the internet. But we tried to find out every little secret about her.