Delia Owens Controversy Amid ”Where The Crawdads Sing” Problematic Review

Delia Owens got into controversy regarding a murder case. Yet, her then-novel, now-movie has been promoted.

Delia Owens is an America-based author and Zoologist. Her debut novel “Where the Crawdads Sing” topped “The New York Times” Fiction Best Seller of 2019.

There was a controversy regarding a poacher’s death in Zambia. Both her stepson and husband were wanted in Zambia on regard to the murder case for questioning.

Detail On “Where The Crawdads Sing” Controversy and Delia Owens Problematic Review

Delia Owens’s husband and stepson took firm upon themselves to protect endangered elephants. When a poacher was killed, her stepson and husband were implicated by witnesses.

The incident prompted the Zambian government to ask them to leave the country until the case gets solved. The readers realized that it’s more or less like the plot to “Where The Crawdads Sing.”

In the novel, Kya, a girl who was just raised in southern marshlands, is accused of murdering a wealthy white man. She is portrayed as gentle and naive, a simple girl who just wants to commune with nature.

What Is Delia Owens Age? – Wikipedia

Delia Owens was born in 1949, which makes her 73 years of age. She grew up in Thomasville, in south Georgia in the 1950s. She studied biology at the University of Georgia.

The American author was awarded Rolex Award for Enterprise for Kalahari Research Project in 1981, followed by the John Burroughs Award, University of California Outstanding Alumnus Award, and Ridder of the Golden Ark Award.

She is featured on the Wikipedia page. The zoologist completed her Ph.D. in Biology. She is co-founder of the Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation in Stone Mountain, GA.

Is Delia Owens Married To Husband Connect To A Murder Case?

Delia Owens got married to her husband Mark Owens, who studied biology at the University of Georgia together with her. Her husband was accused of operating a “shoot to kill” policy against poachers.

Andrew Tkach produced “Deadly Game: The Mark and Delia Ownes Story” in 1996, which was hosted by Meredith Vieira, that was aired on ABC News. It featured the controversy of the poacher’s killing.

Delia and Mark got divorced. The detail on when they get divorced and why are not known. She lives in Boundary County, Idaho, supporting the people and wildlife of Zambia.