DeMario Jackson Sued By Two Women For Sexual Abuse

DeMario Jackson, a previous “Single girl” hopeful, has been sued by two individuals for rape.

As per court reports, DeMario controlled casualties by professing to understand how he was encouraging them.

Following a couple of dates, the primary lady professes to have met DeMario on a dating application.

After supposedly becoming alcoholic in February 2018, she permitted him to go through the night with her.

As indicated by her, she let Demario know there wouldn’t be any sexual movement between them that evening.

Notwithstanding, the casualty claims he was constant, supposedly sticking her to the bed and attacking her physically. As she reviews, she dreaded her life while encountering the maltreatment.

In April 2019, DeMario purportedly met the second lady by means of virtual entertainment, following up just seldom from the outset.

“Lone wolf in Heaven” challenger asked her out a year after the fact, welcoming her to his home so he could stay mysterious.

Docs show that he constrained her into sex, to which she assented however would not stop, in spite of her solicitations.

DeMario is having to deal with penalties of misleading detainment and purposeful curse of profound trouble notwithstanding rape. Moreover, the offended parties are looking for vague harms.

Up to this point, DeMario has not answered the charges.