Diallo Riddle and Wife Brittany Riddle Recently Celebrated Their 13-Year Anniversary

Diallo Riddle and his wife Brittany Riddle have been married since 2009. Brittany Riddle is an event planner and choreographer.

An Emmy and WGA-nominated actor, writer, and showrunner, Diallo is all loved-up with his partner of thirteen years. With occasional Instagram uploads of the Riddle family, the actor shares a glimpse of his happy marital life with his followers.

Diallo and Brittany have been together for over two decades and share three loving sons. The actor previously showed his appreciation for Brittany for her love and support for the past thirteen years.

The pair is the perfect example of true love. They continue to adore each other for the rest of their life. Finding true love can be difficult, but the pair appear to be lucky in love.

Meet Diallo Riddle Wife Brittany Riddle

Diallo Riddle wife Brittany Riddle is a former dancer and an event planner. They have been married for over 13 years.

She is notable as a LA dancer and choreographer known for her work in Sherman’s Showcase, a comedy television series created by her husband and Bashir Salahuddin. The series documents the history of a fictional and popular variety show.

Brittany appeared as a dancer and had an exciting year choreographing for the series. She said to Dance Informa, “We are very proud of having a show that puts dancers in the spotlight as main characters, as opposed to being in the background.”

In her early years, her parents supported and encouraged her to pursue her dancing career. They used to drive her to the studio to attend her dance lessons. Besides, Brittany’s most significant influence was her high school dance coach, Leslie Dahl.

Growing up in the small town of Juneau, Alaska, Brittany says that without her dance coach, she would have never realized she could dance professionally. She and her team were winning National and International championships and were also on ESPN.

Her coach would invite many external choreographers to their program and give them opportunities to choreograph. That’s where Brittany learned how to organize her thoughts and create formations.

Brittany found a new passion in planning parties

A former professional dancer, Brittany found a new passion in organizing parties after her dancing career started winding down. It started with her kids’ birthday and expanded to any excuse to throw a party.

With Riddle My Party, Brittany serves Southern California and would love to assist with all party needs. It has happened under Riddle’s roof from TV show premieres/finales, Halloween, puppy birthdays, NYE, and showers.

Sharing the gift of parties is Brittany’s passion. Her Riddle My Party website reads, “Don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to create a celebration, but you still want to celebrate? WE GOTCHU.”

Brittany and her team believe that every event can be customized. They make sure that even the tiny detail is covered. Riddle My Party does not disappoint its customers from set up to clean up.

Diallo and Brittany celebrated their 13 years of marriage

On April 22, 2022, Diallo shared loving pictures of himself with his wife and kids and marked their thirteen years of marriage. “13 years is a long time in a life, but mine just keeps getting better and better,” says the actor.

The first picture was unique as the top image was from their wedding day, and the bottom was from the day before their 13th anniversary. Diallo says he has the best person on the planet by his side.

He continued, “I never stop discovering new layers, new talents, new levels of strength and love, and yes, surprises she has inside.” The pair have never stopped having fun as they continue giving their fans perfect couple goals.

Diallo also shared that he proposed to Brittany in “those plans (he shared in his Instagram) in the valley, near Satsuma.” He further says, “they’re still there, just like us. I’ll love you always @baariddle.”

The Riddle Family on New Year (2022)

“2021 was all about family,” Diallo started as he shared joyous pictures of his family as he celebrated the 2022 New Year. He showed gratitude for his family and expressed his love and adoration for them.

He says, “So many families… I’m so grateful.” Starting in lockdown, Diallo went to Chicago for around three months with his South Side (TV show) family. “Let’s get it in 2022. I’m popping one bottle at the house tonight.”

Diallo And Brittany Riddle Have Three Sons

Diallo and Brittany Riddle are the parents of three boys Felix Coltrane, Calvin, and Desmond Thames Aggassi Riddle.

After dating for quite a long, the pair finally decided to walk down the aisle on April 20, 2009. They welcomed their first child, Felix, on November 2009 -he is thirteen years old. Their second child, Calvin, was born in February 2012 and is ten years old.

The youngest addition to the family, their youngest son Desmond, was born on March 2017. He is five years old. As he was born with craniosynostosis, he had to undergo surgery a few months after he was born.

The happy couple lives alongside their kids without rumors of divorce and extra-marital affairs.

Diallo, Brittany, and their kids visit Harvard University

Back in June, The Riddle family had a fun time visiting Harvard University. Brittany took to her Instagram to share several pictures of herself with her husband and kids from the university.

In the post, she shared that they almost lost their one child while taking photos. She then said that no one was hurt in making those photos. Brittany was excited to see Ketanji Brown Jackson there that she lost her mind.

Moreover, MG Washington was also there, and “I lost my mind, in person.” Brittany jokes, ‘So basically, after leaving Harvard, I have two fewer minds.” “Also, my kids can now say they went to Harvard no matter where they choose.”