Does Sam Tripoli Have A Wife Or Girlfriend? Married Life And Daughters Info

Sam Tripoli is a famous YouTuber and comedian. There is no mention of a girlfriend and wife in his life. He enjoys his single life and directing his energy toward making people laugh.

Tripoli has a tight fist on his personal information. Though his social media and digital presence are abundant, he somehow engages his viewers and fan with his without revealing in-depth facts about him.

So, let’s know about Sam Tripoli, his age, and the presence of his wife, girlfriend, or children in his life.

Does Sam Tripoli Have A Wife Or Girlfriend? Married Life Details

Sam Tripoli is a big name in the entertainment sector. The stand-up comedian and writer have unmarried status as known, and there is no presence of a wife or girlfriend in his life.

He is seen with various other female influencers and friends on his youtube channel, but all he shares is friendly moments and chats with them on screen. So, it is hard to know about his dating life. Sam prefers to keep his private life out of the media though he is extremely comfortable being in front of the camera.

He has two daughters but hasn’t revealed any information about their mother. It is unknown if he is dating his daughter’s mother or simply co-parenting with her.

Sam Tripoli’s Age And Wiki

Sam Tripoli was born in the United States on October 28, 1973, in Cortland, New York.

Tripoli is 48 years old and is well-known for being a co-host of the Punch Drunk Podcast.

Sam Tripoli, a well-known comedian, has advanced much from his days as a young performer on the Las Vegas Strip. He spent some of his younger years in New York but soon moved to Las Vegas. In Vegas, he enrolled in the University of Nevada and graduated with a psychology degree. His interest was sparked in psychology through the movies like Basic Instinct and Silence of the Lambs. He was sure to get involved in stand-up comedy in his future and mentioned he only got his degree for his parent’s satisfaction.

He did his first stand-up in a coffee shop in Las Vegas. Tripoli relocated to Los Angeles in 2000 and started to establish a name for himself after spending years polishing his skills in the casinos of Sin City.

Eventually, he became a regular at The Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv. He presently presents “The Naughty Show,” a mixed media variety show that brings together the greatest stars in the adult industry and the funniest names in comedy.

According to him, he found his voice as a comedian after the 2004 election. He was interested in politics and had a significant Bill Hicks impact. After the 2004 election, he wondered what he was doing, that nobody was interested in his content. So, he began making jokes about his life, which attracted more people to his comedy.  More jokes about his life followed, and things started to go exceptionally nicely for him.

Recently, Tripoli was interviewed by while he was watching the NCAA tournament. They talked about his early years in Las Vegas and how the 2004 Presidential election affected his career.

Sam Tripoli’s Daughter

Sam Tripoli is the father of two twins daughters. They were born in February 2020. He expresses that having daughters is one of the most incredible things. He mentions that watching something become a person is the most magical thing when speaking about his daughters.

While talking with Chrissie Mayr on her podcast, Sam wholeheartedly expressed his love for his two lovely daughters. Being a father of daughters has changed a whole lot of Sam’s perspective on women. He describes her one daughter as super analytical while another is amazon already.

He considers his daughters a blessing and is thankful to their mother for giving him such beautiful gifts.