Dr Ahmad Buk Biography, Age, Education, Career, And Death

Dr. Ahmad Buk also known as Kala Haddasana was an Islamic Scholar and Lecturer. He was a former lecturer at the Department of Arabic Bayero University Kano.

Dr. Ahmad Buk was born in the year 1940 to Alhaji Muhammad Ibrahim Bamba and his mother and Hajia Khadijah (Mma Adizatu) in Ghana.

Dr Ahmad Buk died on the 7th of January, 2022 at the age of 82, survived by three wives and about thirty children with a lot of grandchildren.

1. Dr. Ahmad Buk Profile
2. Educational Background
3. Career
4. Dr. Ahmad Buk Death
5. Personal life

Dr Ahmad Buk Profile

Name Dr Ahmad Buk / Kala Haddasana
Real Name Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Ibrahim Bamba
Date of Birth 1940
Age 82 ( 2022 / Late)
State of Origin Kano State
Tribe Fulani
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Islamic Scholar and Lecturer
Wives Three
Children Thirty
Religion Muslim
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Educational Background

Dr. Ahmad Buk graduated from his Father’s homeschooling. He proceeded with his education in the Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqh where he started with Wataniyya under the tutelage of Sufi, Alhaji Baba Al-Waiz (Babal-Waiz) at Kantudu.

He started with Al – ishmawiy on the order of Mallam Amadu Langoti. He further studied under the first Sunni revivalist in Kumasi. His prominent classmates include; the late Ashanti regional chief imam, Mallam Imrana Musah, Mallam Muntari, the current and late Khalifs of Wataniyya, the current chief Imam of Dagomba Community Ustaz Umar, Mallam Dan Azumi, and Alhaji Saidi.

Dr. Ahmad Bamba learned tailoring and design-making from Mallam Awudu alongside his education. He was among the students of Sheikh Hamad Bin Muhammad Al Ansari. Dr. Ahmad Buk finished at a Ghanaian High School and completed his Arabic Education in Saudi Arabia. He bagged a BA, MA, and Ph.D. at the Islamic University of Madinah. He also got his doctorate from Bayero University Kano.


Dr. Ahmad BUK was a great scholar of Hadith, he used to teach at the Bayero University Kano (BUK) Old campus Jumuah mosque, but later owned his mosque which he called Darul Hadith. He was also a former Lecturer at the Department of Arabic at Bayero University. Dr. Ahmad Buk was a respected Ghanaian scholar and a popular lecturer, that is because he was born in Ghana.

Dr Ahmad Buk Death

Dr. Ahmad Buk was born in the year 1940, and he died on January 7, 2022, at the age of 82. Dr. Ahmad Buk died at the Malam Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital after a short illness. His funeral was held at the Darul Hadis Mosque, in the Tudun Yola area of Kano after Friday prayers. It was a great loss for Islamic society as a whole.

Personal Life

Dr. Ahmad Buk was married to three wives and he had about thirty children with a lot of grandchildren. Dr. Ahmad Bamba BUK was popularly called Kala Haddasana, he was a scholar and a popular lecturer.

Not a lot is known about his family life but he was born in the year 1940 and died on the 7th of January, 2022 at the age of 82. Dr. Ahmad Buk was born into a religious Muslim family and was brought up at Nguwan Gonjawa in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana.

His father was Muhammad Ibrahim Bamba and his mother and stepmother were Hajia Khadijah (Mma Adizatu) and Hajia Fatima (Mma Hajia).