Dstv Payment Options Of Nigeria Today

Dstv payment options are now many in Nigeria. Unlike few years back when you have to locate a multichoice office or a bank that partner with Multichoice. Dstv, being the highest TV service provider in Africa are trying to make life easy as much as possible to their subscribers, thereby providing the various means in which payment can be made, and that we are going to talk about.

Visit to DStv offices

This can be their major office or the office of a dealer that partner with them. These offices are there to attend to customers on various issues. Meanwhile, they still create space for accepting payments. This is an old fashioned DStv payment option of Nigeria today. As people rarely visit these offices for payments, but for other reasons. This option is mostly suitable for people that are close by or have issues to sort out through the offices.

Internet banking

Multichoice has succeeded in partnering with virtually all the banks in Nigeria today, thereby making it possible for individuals that have a bank account with any bank to make payment anywhere at anytime. This is a fast and convenient DStv payment option, provided there is an internet connection. This is an option virtually every Nigerian with internet banking service uses today because it saves a lot of time and energy.


This a platform owned by a company called inter-switch. It provides online payment services to an individual with a bank account and an ATM card. And this includes DStv payment options as well. The moment you register with them providing them with your name, phone number and your email address. An activation code will be sent to the email address you provided which you will enter on the website to make your account live. The moment you do that you can go ahead with your DStv payment provided you have your smartcard number any time any day. Each service provided attract various service charges. But the last time I checked DStv subscription payment attracts the sum of N100 here in Nigeria. Visit Quickteller website for more details


Mobile money


This is also one of DStv payment options, here in Nigeria. The central bank of Nigeria licenced some financial institutions and corporate organization to provide mobile payment services in Nigeria and since then, life has been much easier in terms of making payments. These service providers include pagatech, etranscat, first monie: by first bank and a host of others. Some of these mobile money service providers have agents that act in their name and are located at people’s reaches. A good example is pagatech that allows petty traders and big business owners to partner with them in order to make payment possible at any time and any day, right in the neighborhood. Dstv payment option is done by these people. Therefore, if your subscription expires payment can be made in the neighborhood.