Fact Check: Is Peng Shuai Dead or Still Alive? Missing & Kidnapped Hoax

Yes, Peng Shuai is missing, but there are no reports about her being dead. 

In fact, the question is even asked by the World Tennies Champion Naomi Osaka, but the answers are still yet to come. 

Reports about her missing came after an incident that happened with Peng Shuai. 

Peng reported a sexual assault allegation against the top Chinese official, and since after the allegations, there is no news about her. 

Although the Women’s Tennies Association has assured and confirmed that she is said and is not under any physical threat. 

But still, Osaka has said that she was not able to meet her directly or have any contact directly. 

Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, said earlier this week that he hoped she was okay and that he was shocked.

French player Nicholas Mahut chimed in, saying, “We are all concerned.”

Many of Peng’s colleagues have shown concern about her, and are worried about her. 

However seeing the confirmation of WTA, we could say that she is in a better condition and is very much alive. 

Talking about her kidnapping rumors, that doesn’t seem to be true, as she did have contact with WTA.

So for now, world champion Peng Shuai is not missing or is not being kidnapped, and is in a healthy condition. 

Who Is Peng Shuai Husband?

According to many reports from different media, Peng Shuai is still not marred. 

So she doesn’t have any husband or partner. 

Talking about her dating life, she is yet to talk about it, as she likes to keep her personal things out of the media. 

However, being a world-class player means that her dating rumors could be open. 

But as of now, she is not involved in any relationship and is likely to be single.

Peng Shuai Parents And Ethnicity-Where Is She Now?

Peng Shuai is a Chinese citizen so her ethnicity is Chinese, and the same goes for her parents. 

Her father Peng Jijun is a police officer and her mother Zhang Bing is a housewife. 

As of now, there is not much detail about her parents, as she has kept her persona profile out of the reach of media. 

How Much Is Peng Shuai Net Worth?

Peng is a wealthy tennis player who is also one of the most popular.

According to Business Insider, Peng Shuai’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

Although she is yet to reveal detailed information about her net worth, she is a world-class player with very good stats. 

So talking about her net worth, she is a rich woman with a very good amount of assets.