First Bank Nigeria Mobile App: How to Download and Use

Many more bank customers are going mobile these days. The world is moving at a very fast pace and many more people are looking for ways to get things done very fast. People want to be able to do practically everything on the move, including banking. This is one of the reasons why many banks are now providing mobile banking app to their customers.

First Bank Nigeria Plc too is not left behind in this quest for improved customer satisfaction. They have therefore provided mobile banking app to their teeming customers to enable them bank at their fingertips. Instead of visiting the brick and mortar branches of first bank, the customer can easily carry out banking transactions on the go.

With the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App, customers can be assured of their security and safety when carrying out banking transactions.  They will also have very easy access to all banking activities. They will be able to carry out loads of transactions right online and will never have to bother themselves traveling to their bank branches to get such transactions done.

One other benefit of First Bank Nigeria Mobile App is that it can be used in virtually any mobile device, including blackberry, windows, Android and iOS. This way, all customers of First Bank that uses a Smartphone will be able to download and use the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App very easily and without any restriction whatsoever.

There is no better way to have complete control over the money you have saved with First Bank than this. Some of the transactions can even be done without problem if you do not have internet connectivity. All you need to carry out many of the online transactions is mobile connection. If you do not have internet connection everywhere you go, at least you can have mobile connection in virtually any corner on earth.

The versatility of First Bank Nigeria Mobile App is one of the factors that make it the best for any of their customers. It enables you to check your account balance, views transaction information, send money to anyone or receive payment from anyone from any corner of the word.

Many of the services offered via many mobile banking apps are basic. This is however not the case with First Bank Nigeria Mobile App. The services are top class and it gives their customers premium control over their accounts with so many features that will make mobile banking very easy and straightforward.

First Bank also offers internet banking, but you will surely love their mobile banking app more than any other thing you can ever benefit from internet banking. The features on First Bank Nigeria Mobile App are many.

With the aid of the mobile app, you can make deposit into any First Bank account or receive money into your own account.  You can check account balance and also view past transactions.  It is now very easy to make person-to-person transaction from your First Bank account to any other person.

In fact, using the mobile app makes banking looks as easy as when you take a selfie. Yes, it is that simple. Never again will you have to travel from one end of the town to another in search of First Bank Branch.

Never again will you have to queue for a very long time just because you want to carry out one banking transaction or the other.  Never again will you have to enter into argument with other bank customers over frivolities.  There is no better way to save your time and remove stress than by this.

The First Bank Nigeria Mobile App is also very easy to use. If you want to make mobile deposit, you only need to select the particular account and then provide the amount you want to deposit into that chosen account. the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App is also designed to save images of the transaction for future references. Some of the other features obtainable in the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App are highlighted below:

  • You can easy get answer to any of your questions via their well-detailed, consistently updated FAQs
  • You can easily locate any First Bank branch in your locality or find an ATM from where you can make your urgent bank withdrawals or carry out online transactions.
  • You will be provided with various means via which you can easily contact the bank
  • You will be able to make payment for any purpose you deem fit
  • The First Bank Nigeria Mobile App also enables you to pay your bills with StarTimes, GoTV, DSTV and the likes without having to visit any bank or outlet to carry out such transaction.
  • With this app, transferring money is as simple as ABC. You can transfer the money in a jiffy and get response almost instantly.

There are several other benefits attached to the use of the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App. Just get it downloaded in order to discover what more benefits are attached to its use.

How to download

It is very easy to get the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App downloaded. First of all, consider the particular type of mobile device you are using and visit the corresponding sites to download the app. Android users can get the software downloaded on Google Playstore.  iPhone users can visit Appstore to download the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App.

After downloading it, just open it and provide your banking details. Not to worry; no information you provide on the First Bank Nigeria Mobile App will be shared with any third party without your consent.  There is no better and more secured way to bank than this. Everything you need for successful banking is placed right at your finger tip.

The First Bank Nigeria Mobile App is easy to navigate. It also comes with a user-friendly interface that will get you stuck all day long. There is no better way to bank with First Bank than via First Bank Nigeria Mobile App. You will never have to pay a dime to download or use the app; it is provided to First bank customers free of charges!