Forextime Nigeria: What Do They Stand For?

Forextime Nigeria is a forex broker. This means they have a platform on which interested Nigerian investors and Forex traders can participate in Forex trading, just like other investors and traders across the globe.

Forextime has branches in several countries of the world, just like in Nigeria. A number of factors set this company apart from the others. In this write-up, you are going to learn about one or two of these factors.

Brief history

FXTM opened for business in 2011. They provide state-of-the-art trading tools, advanced education and unparalleled superior trading conditions. If you want to invest your time and money wisely, then Forextime is among the best to partner with.

Forextime is an award winning broker.  They won the 2016 Best Sell-Side Analysis Contributor, the 2016 top customer service provider award at the 9th Saudi money expo and the 2016 Best Fx Broker award at the European CEO Awards.

Furthermore, they won the 2015 Most promising Forex Broker award by CNFOREX, the 2015 Most Trusted Forex Broker Dubai award at by MENA 14, the 2015 Best Affiliate Programs Award by Forex Report Awards and the 2015 Best Broker Eastern Asia, including China Award by Forex Report Awards

In addition, they won the 2015 Best Broker Online Forex Trading Middle East IAIR awards, the 2015 Forex Broker Fastest Order Execution Forex Traders Awards and the 2015 best Investor Trading institution CNForex Awards.

Ease of account opening

Opening account with this company is very easy. They provide a personalized workspace for their clients to trade in the Forex market.  Several actions can be performed on the MYFXTM personal working space. Some of these actions are listed below:

  • Submit an enquiry
  • View your transaction history
  • Edit your personal details
  • Change the leverage of your trading accounts
  • Open as many Demo or Live trading accounts as you want
  • Load your personal identification documents
  • Download the trading platform
  • Deposit and withdraw funds from trading accounts

The platform is automatically opened for you once you register with them and your registration is validated. You can register by visiting

You will be required to provide your contact details, which include your mobile phone number and a valid email address.  Next, a pin will be sent to you with, which you are verify your account.

Traders are able to trade based on currencies like USD, GBP or EUR. You can open several accounts with Forextime Nigeria. Some of the available accounts are joint trading account, swap-free account and institutional or corporate account.

You will also be asked to register a username and password with which you will be able to access your trading account. The password and username can be changed to anyone you want after registration on the MYFXTM personal working space.

You are required to provide certain documentations to Forextime Nigeria in order to access full features on the platform. The documentation enables you to make deposits and withdrawals with ease.

Once the documents submitted are accepted, the “Approved” status will show on your personal working space. Forextime Nigeria will never allow you to start trading with them until your documents are submitted and approved. This is a sign of a reliable service provider.

What are the required documents?

The documents requested from you by Forextime Nigeria are highlighted below:

  • Proof of address: It is required to be a color copy. It must not be older than 12 months. Forextime accepts either residency certificate or tenancy contract. They also accept telephone bill, internet bill, electricity bill, water bill or gas bill. They also accept bank statement
  • Proof of identity: Forextime Nigeria accepts only color copy of the proof of identity, which is represented by a valid ID document. The document must show your name, photo and full address. Examples of documents accepted for Nigerians are Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID Card and National Voter’s Card.

Account verification with Forextime Nigeria does not take long at all. You may not believe it, but your account can get verified within 10 minutes of submitting valid documents requested.

The request is done very fast if you submit the required within working hours. They provide Live Chat on their platform for those who may want to make one enquiry or the other.

You can trade on all market sessions on Forextime Nigeria. You can trade during Asia Session, Eropa Session and New York session. Yo can also tarde during news release if yo so desire. Ehir market analysis is top class. In actual fact, they provide free signals on their platform and you can follow the signals if you so desire.

You can trade on both PC and Tablet trading platforms if you so desire. You can trade using either Windows of MAC operating system. You can also trade using tablet platforms, like iPad or iOS.

Their platforms are equally compatible with virtually all android platforms.  They make MT4 and MT5 trading platforms available to their clients. You can download either of these on your PC. The downloading process is equally very easy.

It is equally easy to add new indicator to your PC platform.  Both their MT4 and MT5 platforms are compatible with MAC. Installation on MAC is equally a breeze. You can get helpful instruction on how to do that on their website.

You can downloading their trading platform from Google Playstore if you are using android tablet. iOS users can visit App Store to download Forextime trading  platform for mobile.  You can trade virtually all instruments on their trading platform.

The android platform offers three types of charts, namely candlestick, bar and line charts. You are also free to change colors and styles of all the visual elements on the android platform.

It comes also with option to display levels of order on the chart. Additionally, there is option enabling different chart modes, which allows you to view OHLC data, resize indicator areas, delete objects, modify object, draw, scroll and zoom.

However, it is not possible to add indicators or expert advisors on your mobile platform due to the limited functionality of the platform unlike what obtains on the PC version. In order to make your trading very easy, you can also download FXTM mobile app on your mobile device.