What Is Petra Hansson Spotify Net Worth?

Petra Hansson, the star ex-lawyer of Spotify, has not revealed her actual net worth to the general public yet. 

However, she worked with the company for a decade and held the helm of the legal section of the company. She was head of general counsel and also worked as the head of Business Affairs. 

Previously she also worked with the leading Swedish firm Mannheimer Swartling, during her time there she was a promising employee for the largest legal firm in Sweden. She was sought after by Spotify due to her promising career at Mannheimer Swartling. 

Since her departure from Spotify in 2017, she has also worked at several startup companies. She served as an investor and advisor for startup firms. Furthermore, she partnered up with her former colleague Niklas Ivarsson to work for Tracklib as a member of the Advisory board. 

Her colleague Niklas has an estimated net worth of $5 million according to Famous Intro, Petra Hansson might also have a similar figure of net worth amounting to around $5 million as of 2022. 

As the lawyer does not have any public social media account, it is actually difficult to have a glimpse of her lifestyle.

Petra Hansson Spotify Update 2022: Where Is She Now?

Petra Hansson left Spotify in 2017 and has been working with several startup companies as of 2022. 

The last known job of the lawyer was as a member of the advisory board for the music sampling company Tracklib along with her former colleague Niklas Ivarsson according to Sports Keeda. She joined the company in February 2019 and might still be working with the company as of 2022. 

During her time at Tracklib, she helped the company with its legal and commercial issues. She was praised by the CEO of the company Pär Almqvist for her contributions in 2020. 

However, Petra does not have a public LinkedIn profile to showcase her job experiences and her career since her departure from Spotify after a decade of service with the music streaming company in 2017. 

While her career has remained out of sight for the general public, the star lawyer now resides in the Greater Stockholm Metropolitan Area of Sweden according to Sports Keeda. She has maintained a distance from the press and media since her departure from Spotify. 

Furthermore, Hansson is not found using any social media platforms publicly so her followers have a hard time tracking the lawyer’s whereabouts. She is featured in Netflix’s miniseries The Playlist which explores her life and career while she was working for Spotify. 

Petra Hansson: Why Did She leave Spotify?

Petra Hansson left Spotify after the company faced serious issues in music business licensing negotiations. 

She left the company in 2017 when she was working with the company at Head Quarters in Sweden as one of the top executives of the company. 

Hansson departed with the company in a wave of high-profile departures inside Spotify in 2017, she followed other executives including  Jeff Levick,  Ken Parks, Jonathan Forster, Steve Savoca, and Francis Keeling among others according to Music Business Worldwide. 

The lawyer was doing great at the company when she quit her job but did not mention the actual reason for departing from the company she has worked with for a decade on media and the internet. She maintained a low profile while exiting the company. 

Some FAQs

What Is Spotify Petra Hansson Net Worth?

Former Spotify lawyer Petra Hannson has not revealed her net worth to the public yet as she maintains a distance between her finances and media.

What Is Petra Hansson Age?

Petra Hansson’s age might be between 40 to 45 years old, judging by her career and appearance. She was born in Sweden.

Where Is Petra Hansson Now In 2022?

Petra Hansson is now working as advisor and investor for several startup companies as of 2022.

Why Did Petra Hansson Leave Spotify?

Petra Hansson left Spotify after the company stumbled upon hard times negotiating music rights in 2017.