GE Nigeria Salary: See What They Pay

GE stands for General Electric Co.  The company is operating out of Fairfield and they employ great talents in various fields related to their service provision. They have experts, like Mechanical Engineers and Software Engineers in their employment.  Median income in the company is $85,000 per annum.

The employee can be paid higher if he has worked for some years before joining the company. The employee also receives more as the number of years he works increase.  Location of the employee and his/her role in the company are secondary to salary increment. In this write-up, you will be enlightened on how much GE pays their workers as salaries

  • Mechanical engineer in the company is paid between $61,349 and $106,615
  • Software Engineer in the company I paid between $65,801 and$110,523
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer is paid between $70,266 and $134,165
  • Electrical Engineer is paid between $59,352 and $125,562
  • Manufacturing Engineer is paid between $56,394 and $109,006
  • Operations Manager is paid between $67,163 and $155,578
  • Design Engineer is paid between $61,669 and $96,103

The amounts described above represent the amount the workers are paid per year.  You will notice that the amounts are given in ranges. One of the factors that determine how much the employee actually receives is the bonus being given to the employee by the company as appreciation of expertise and dedication to duty.

Also, the employee is paid according to the years of experience he/she has before he/she joins the company. If the employee also has certain extra certifications, his pay can be higher than that of someone without such certification.